Friends of the Little Miami State Park
Friend of the Little Miami State Park
Since its founding, FLMSP has focused almost exclusively on "trail safety". For 2010, the Board is adding a second major priority --- "trail integrity". This is in response to trail buckling, root encroachment, and collapsing culverts along the 50 miles of Trail.
The 2010 plan below is admittedly ambitious. 
We're looking for people who want to volunteer their time as well as those who might want to organize and lead one of the projects below, e.g. Volunteer Coordinator. Please review the following 2010 plan and let me know where your interests might lie and in what capacity you'd like to serve.
1.      Trail Safety. Finish the job.
a.       Fence or equivalent barrier at the riverbank restoration area south of Corwin.
b.      Remediate the 29 asphalt patches south of Morrow using "infrared" technology.
c.       Pave the remaining 4 bridges
2.      Trail Integrity. Identify the threats. Identify and remediate the damage.
a.       Do a complete inventory of the Trail identifying:
         Trail buckling --- significant root damage to the Trail.
         Root encroachment --- minimal root damage to the Trail.
         Sink holes, i.e. typically caused by collapsing culverts.
b.      Remediation
         Use a "rocksaw" or "cable plow" to cut roots on either side of the Trail and,
where economically feasible, use "infrared" technology to remediate the asphalt.
3.      Trail Maintenance
a.       Reinvigorate the Adopt-a-Trail program.
b.      Institute a trail signage program.
4.      Volunteer Recruitment --- Volunteer Coordinator
a.       Develop a committee structure to support the 2010 Business Plan.
b.      Recruit volunteers to serve as committee chairpersons and committee members.
c.      Recruit volunteers for Adopt-a-Trail, Trail Sentinel, events, work crews, etc.
5.      Marketing/Promotion
a.       Develop a logo, color scheme, look-and-feel, and promotional materials,
e.g. brochure.
b.      Promote FLMSP to businesses up and down the trail and at local community events.
c.       Archivist.  The history of the trail and preceding Railway are of interest to many
people. We know that there are many historical details, pictures, and artifacts that will be lost unless they're preserved
6.      Legislative Conduit. While FLMSP itself cannot lobby, it can be a "conduit" to you relative       to events at the state and local levels that may affect the Trail.
7.      Revenue
a.       Install pipe-safes at entry/exit points (e.g. parking lots) along the Trail and develop
a plan for collection of donations.
b.      Identify additional funding sources, e.g. corporate matching grants, ODNR, etc.
c.       Grow the dues-paying membership base.
d.      Sponsor trail "events", e.g. guided tours, one-way rides, etc.
e.       Identify additional grant opportunities.  On November 23, our grant writer Jess Evans
submitted a $10,000 grant request for the benefit of FLMSP; she expects a decision during February.
f.       Conduct a year-end Annual Fundraising Campaign.
This 2010 plan contains a wealth of opportunities for involvement, volunteering, and leadership. 
Please contact me and I'll make sure that any questions you have are answered and your expressions of interest are directed to the correct Board member or Committee Chair. If you would like to discuss things in more detail, you can call me on 513-617-5800.
Thanks for your consideration. Thanks for your interest and your support.
Steve Murphy
Vice President
Friends of the Little Miami State Park