Friends of the Little Miami State Park

Friend of the Little Miami State Park


Our 30-day fundraising compaign launched on May 22nd concluded this past Sunday with 77 people donating $5,224 towards our goal of $7,000. Thanks to all who contributed --- the trail is safer because of you.

Because of this generosity, the Friends of the Little Miami State Park has been able to take the following actions: 
  • Pay $3,990 as its portion of the $22,150 for paving the 11 bridges.
  • Order 77 new oak boards to replace boards on the Bear Run and Beech Run bridges just north and south of Loveland (mile markers 37.9 and 46.0 respectively). Total cost $2,650 --- $1,133 more than originally estimated because the number of boards to be replaced is almost double.
  • Set aside $165 to rent a "rock saw" attachment to cut the roots on both sides of the trail south of Morrow to prevent any further root damage to the trail. If this experiment is successful, we'll be looking for other sections of the trail where this kind of equipment is cost effective. Rock Saw
  • Retain a reserve of $1,520 for pipe-safe locks, Adopt-a-Trail equipment and hand tools, trail signage, marketing materials, etc.
  • Delay the infrared patch remediation south of Morrow until we can raise the entire $3,423 either through donations or grants.

We measure our success by the feedback we receive (which has been very positive and supportive) and by the fact that our membership has grown to 129 and our email list to 448.

But there's always more work to be done. Visit our web site for the latest news. Tell others about us. Our goal is to expand our base of members, friends, supporters, and donors.
Let us hear from you if you ideas, suggestions, or constructive criticism. 
Our heart-felt thanks to all of you who support and promote our cause. 
Steve Murphy
Vice President
Little Miami State Park