Friends of the Little Miami State Park
The paving of the 11 bridges (that we talked about in our previous email) will begin this Monday June 1 and should be completed by Friday June 5. The trail will be completely closed for 25 miles --- from Hedges Road (mile marker 3.0) in the north to Morrow (mile marker 28.0) in the south.
However, the entire trail south of Morrow will remain open, i.e. Morrow, Peters Cartridge, Loveland, Milford, Terrace Park, Bass Island, etc.
Beginning today, you'll see signs along the trail saying that the trail will be closed from June 1 thru June 12. While our plan is to reopen the trail next Friday June 5, we wanted to alert trail users to the possibility that weather might cause that Friday June 5 date to slip.
Let's hope that the weather cooperates. 
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Steve Murphy
Vice President
Friends of the Little Miami State Park