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February 2012

What They Love About the Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation

Gifts For a Thriving Future 

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Ted Kaye, CEO LPC
Roxann Engel at Granada
Mark Larik at Boston College
Ode To Marios by Kevin Adler
New Applicants for 2012
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The Las Positas College Foundation and the  Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation are joining hands to serve our military veterans who have served our country.


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When will you be accepting Scholarship applications?




We will post the online application beginning January 1, 2012. The deadline for finalizing all applications will be March 1, 2012 by 5:00 pm. This is also the deadline for receipt of all sealed, official transcripts.




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Ted Kaye

Ted Kaye,CEO

Las Positas College Foundation

Out of one man's dream grew a remarkable organization. Each day the staff and Board members of the Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation bring to life Mario Pedrozzi's vision of assisting graduates of Livermore schools and participants in several specialized programs to make better lives for themselves, their families and their community. The Foundation has helped the students from Livermore who attend Las Positas College in two significant ways. Women and men have been awarded scholarships as individuals and the Pedrozzi Foundation has challenged the Las Positas College Foundation to raise significant matched funds for scholarships for military veterans. In the current academic year and the two just past,

$30,000 has been made available for these modern heros using the combined resources of the two organizations. On behalf of the Las Positas College community, we thank the Pedrozzi Foundation for making a magnificent difference in the lives of our students.



Ted Kaye




I have appreciated the outreach from the Pedrozzi Foundation to the high schools to determine how they can assist with guiding students in planning for their futures. 


I've been impressed with Pedrozzi's involvement with the pilot College Prep Club E-Mentoring program (in collaboration with BetterGrads) at Granada High School, from the annual scholarships they have offered to junior club members to the individual communication they've had with members on ways to foster a college-going culture at GHS. 


The financial aid workshop hosted/sponsored by Pedrozzi at the Livermore Civic Center Library this past fall was extremely beneficial and informative. I've heard numerous students mention tid-bits that they picked up from that presentation. The efforts put forth by Pedrozzi continues to augment the work of the high school guidance counselors and for that I am most appreciative.


The level of interest and commitment that all the Pedrozzi Foundation members have for assisting students is truly amazing. Their passion for their mission is evident and inspiring. Livermore, as a community, is fortunate to have this Foundation advocating for the attainment of higher education and vocational training for their high school graduates.


 Roxann Engel

GHS Counseling Office



Hi Pedrozzi Foundation!

I'm currently in my junior year at Boston College and loving every minute of it. I'm involved in student government, a campus tour guide for prospective students and their families and I also started my own t-shirt company. I'll be spending the summer in Boston working at KPMG(a Big 4" CPA firm as an Advisory Services Intern. I  am so grateful to the foundation for helping me finance my education!






An Ode to Marios


Who is an American?

We are left to define

the meaning for newcomers

to meet.


They cometh by land,

by sea and airline,

and for the intrepid penniless,

by feet.


They harvest our fields,

they open grocery doors

to better themselves,  

to eat.


Humbly, a fortune is grown, and 

quietly, given away. The Marios 

among us. "Americans," 

we greet.


Yet "American?" need not we inquire 

of you or of they. For, by good deed 

(to our kids, no less!), we show each other

our creed.

By Kevin Adler

Founder of BetterGrads



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New Applicants for 2012



March 1, 2012 5 P.M. . See FAQ's for more information.



 All Multiple Year Scholarship Recipients

A student taking a leave of absence or making a change in schools must notify the Pedrozzi Scholarship Office immediately or their scholarship may be in jeopardy. See FAQ's for more information.





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