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September 2011

$3,000.00 Awarded 

Announcing the 2011 
BetterGrad -Pedrozzi  Foundation Scholarships


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BetterGrads-Pedrozzi Foundation Recipient Alyssa Horning
BetterGrads - Pedrozzi Foundation Recipient Yari Suarez
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The Las Positas College Foundation and the  Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation are joining hands to serve our military veterans who have served our country.


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I have received a multiple year award and will be taking a leave from school. Will this affect my scholarship?



 Yes.  A multiple year award winner must maintain his or her status as a full- time student in order to retain his or her award.  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for extraordinary situations beyond the student's control.  If the Foundation is not notified within 90 days of this action, the scholarship will be automatically forfeited.

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Inaugural BetterGrads - Pedrozzi Scholarship awarded to two high school students in Livermore

Alyssa Horning and Yari Suarez, rising seniors at Granada High School and members of the BetterGrads Mentoring Program at the school, will each receive $1500 college scholarship
Alyssa Horning BetterGrad 2011 

Alyssa Horning

"Through the BetterGrads program, including communication with our mentors who are college students or graduates, college seems like more real and attainable goal."

"The BetterGrads- Pedrozzi Scholarship, although only granted to two of us, allowed all of the mentees to experience a practice run of an application process and of requesting letters of recommendation, both of which will be valuable in the next few months as we begin to apply to schools."


"At first it seemed that we would simply communicate with mentors and discuss our findings weekly with the club, but it has grown into so much more than that. Upon joining this club, I thought it might help me to decide things like when or how often to take the SAT or how to fill out applications, but by working with the panel of mentors, we have expanded the curriculum to subjects from high school class selection to resume strategies which will help us beyond college. "


What is the BetterGrads Program... 

Yari Suarez BetterGrads 2011Yari Suarez


"The BetterGrads - Pedrozzi Scholarship has helped me to aspire to achieve my goals in life, because I know that there is always going to be help for those who ask for help."



"My mentor, Christine Quinn, has made me understand that college is something that everyone is nervous about and that it's a place filled with opportunities, like study aboard programs and activities that you can do in and out of your community while studying. I'm the first child from my family to go to college so I had no idea of what to expect from college and less how to even prepare for college. But most importantly a Better Grads  program has been able to give me the confidence and support to try to  go straight to a  UC system school but to also keep in mind to have a back-up plan just in case I don't get accepted, which is to go to a state or community college. I hope that better grads branches out to other high schools nationwide so that other students like me can better get an understanding about what college is like. All that is needed is time and full dedication .Striving is the key." 


"Thank you so much again, and I hope that you continue to impact the lives of many other students with these wonderful opportunities."

"The BetterGrads Program has helped me immensely."


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