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APRIL 2011



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The Las Positas College Foundation and the  Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation are joining hands to serve our military veterans who have served our country.


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Alanna Leasau  

Granada class of 2010

Stays connected...



I am enrolled in Tallahassee Community College in Florida. The scholarship I was awarded gave me the opportunity to take an extra class, and opened many doors for myself. I am currently on their softball team and traveling all over Florida and Georgia. I have met so many wonderful people, and our team is involved in tons of volunteer work for the community here. It is not only a great opportunity for me to better myself educationally, but it has been so satisfying to help out the community. It really is a great program. With all the volunteer work, practices, games, and traveling, I have been able to maintain a GPA of 3.4. I just wanted to drop the foundation a quick email and let you know I haven't forgotten your generosity, and I hope you are able to continue to help the youth of Livermore. Thank you so much!! Alanna Leasau


P.S. Here is a picture of my softball team and I volunteering for the youth at Christmas time. It was great fun.:)



Tallahassee Christmas 

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 Mark Larik

Class of 2009

Staying connected...



Here is what I have been up to:

I am currently in the middle of my sophomore year at Boston College majoring in finance and management. It has been such a fun experience being at BC. I am currently involved in student government and I work on programing events in the city of Boston for BC students. Last week for spring break I went on a service trip to Jamaica. I am also a tour guide for the school. I stay pretty busy; it is always a lot of fun. I am so thankful for the Pedrozzi Scholarship Foundation for helping me make all of these experiences possible.

Mark Larik at School 2011



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