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January 2012 Volume 4 Issue 1
          Only 353 days left! 

What are you going to do to make 2012 your best year yet? Here are a couple of qualities you may want to work on in the next 353 days:


Persistence: If you watched the ball drop in New York City on New Years Eve, you may have been one of the 9.8 million viewers tuned in to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Dick Clark is a shining example and testament to the quality of persistence. After his significant stroke in 2004, he battled his way back to the air so he could help ring in New Year after New Year. Just when you think "there's no way he'll be able to do it this time," there he is. He sets his sights on the prize and unwaveringly manages to get the job done. What are you going to let get in your way this year?


Communication: Dick Clark obviously has some communication challenges these days, but he doesn't let those challenges get in the way of what is obviously quite important to him. You can still see his passion and experience the feeling of what he's trying to communicate. What do you need to do to improve your communication skills this year?


Goal Setting: Set lofty goals, but break them down into small steps to increase your odds of achievement. Battling back from a debilitating brain injury is not for the faint of heart. There has probably been someone close to you who has done it, and they did it one day at a time. While the ultimate prize may vary (walking without a limp, being able to speak clearly, getting back to work, being able to drive, etc.), unwavering focus toward that prize is the key. What's your ultimate prize this year?

Get Help: No one can accomplish lofty goals without the assistance of others. That assistance can take different forms. Reach out to your Business Coach or Consultant who can partner with you to attain those important goals. It's possible that you could gain insights and ideas, maybe even a shortcut or two from someone who's not in your shoes.

Just Do It:
Make 2012 your best year yet!

What Leaders are Reading  

A Pearl in the Storm: How I Found My Heart in the Middle of the Ocean by Tori Murden McClure -- Two storm-wracked trips across the Atlantic Ocean become voyages of self-discovery for McClure. McClure details her attempts to become the first woman to row across the Atlantic, interspersed with reflections on challenges she has faced in the past. If you have ever been afraid or have stretched yourself to accomplish something important, you'll appreciate her amazing story and the stunning pictures she draws with her words.

The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz -- The authors offer a program aimed at stressed individuals who want to find more purpose in their work and ways to better handle their overburdened relationships. Just as athletes train, play and then recover, people need to recognize their own energy levels. "Balancing stress and recovery is critical not just in competitive sports, but also in managing energy in all facets of our lives."   


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Leadership Tip of The Month  


Should I hire a consultant or a coach to make 2012 my best year yet?

Sometimes people confuse coaches with traditional consultants.

Typically the traditional consultant answers questions or provides solutions. They can evaluate your organization and then give you advice on to how to "fix: things. They deal with maximizing systems. 


Coaches help you develop the potential that lies within you and your people, so you can increase your capability to overcome obstacles and achieve all your goals. They deal with maximizing people. 


Research indicates that people are an organization's greatest asset. Yet many organizations spend most of their development resources on systems. The first question you need to ask yourself in 2012 is: What will help us achieve our goals the most, our systems or our people?


Once you chart your course, a good coach or consultant will accompany you on your journey, provide ongoing support, guidance and encouragement.


For achieving your 2012 goals make the right choice.   


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John Branstad
John Branstad

Quote of the Month

"The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined efforts of each individual."

Vince Lombardi
John Branstad