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March 2011 Volume 3 Issue 3

Don't Rest on Laurels


    One day a field marshal requested an audience with Napoleon, and Napoleon knew what was coming. But as every good leader must, Napoleon agreed to hear him out. The field marshal brought news of a great victory he had achieved. He talked for a long time about his accomplishment, piling detail upon detail.  


    Napoleon listened closely throughout the entire narration, but said nothing. The officer was disappointed. He had hoped for a more enthusiastic reception, as well as, Napoleon's congratulations. Neither was forthcoming.

Summing up, the marshal repeated much of what he had already stated. As the officer rambled on, Napoleon continued to listen politely, and the marshal interpreted this as encouragement. Surely, he thought, Napoleon will now give me the praise I so richly deserve.


    When the marshal finally stopped talking, Napoleon asked him one question: "What did you do the next day?"

The field marshal was speechless. But the lesson was not lost on him. From then on, the officer understood that he should never rest on his laurels. So he left it to others to bestow the praise.  


Brian Cavanaugh T.O.R., The Sowers Seeds  


What Leaders are Reading


The Sower's Seeds by Brian Cavanaugh. - For over a decade the Sower's Seeds books have been a wonderful resource for teachers, preachers, and anyone who has to speak in front of an audience.  


 The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - This story has the comic charm, dramatic tension and psychological intensity of a fairy tale, but it's full of specific wisdom as well, about becoming self-empowered, overcoming depression, and believing in dreams. The cumulative effect is like hearing a wonderful bedtime story from an inspirational psychiatrist. Comparisons to The Little Prince are appropriate; this is a sweetly exotic tale for young and old alike.

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Leadership Tip of The Month

What are you doing to avoid "resting on your laurels?"
Consider a path of leadership to avoid resting on your laurels by using abilities you already possess. Take one more step by acting on the following:

1. Realize you own a wealth of untapped potential.
2. Learn to develop self-motivation.
3. Set both short and long range goals.
 (Remember, where there are goals, there is progress)
4. Turn solutions into actions.
5. Have the courage to act. 

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John Branstad
John Branstad

Quote of the Month

"The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
John Branstad