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December 2010 Vol 2 Issue 12
Leadership and Christmas  

    For Christians, Christmas is the time of the year when families get together and give each other presents in celebration of the Christ child. It's also the time of the year to show respect and caring feelings for the people around them. The people who work side by side with them, who belong to their "living" circle."

   For some people it is just a tradition. They don't really care how it got started or what it really means, but they follow the tradition of giving.

    Regardless of your reason, go for it, show your respect, care, love and appreciation for the people around you. That's part of what's needed to be a team player, a family player, a community player. Leaders are such players.

     To play, you have to communicate, you have to be part of the group, team, family, community, company... you name it.

    Be alert. If you have the opportunity to show respect for the people around you, go and do so. Don't wait for Christmas. Sometimes it has nothing to do with decorations or presents, just with respect and caring feelings.

    Real leaders do that, they spend time with the people they care about, with the people they really like and love. Leaders value their lives and the lives of others around them. Leaders spend every day of their lives doing what's most important to them, building their visions, communicating them and achieving them. All that, with the people they care about the most. This Christmas, pledge to share that tradition throughout the year. The results may surprise you.

Merry Christmas and remember: Be Alert, Be A Leader.


What Leaders are Reading


The Big Picture: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies by Kevin Coupe & Michael Sansolo - This book shares how to use the stories in movies to solve problems in business. From The Godfather to Tootsie, from The Wedding Singer to Babe, the authors use more than sixty of their favorite movies to teach important lessons about branding, customer service, leadership, planning, ethics, and innovation. Readers will learn how to use stories from the movies to communicate clearly with employees, clients, and customers.

If How-To's Were Enough We'd All Be Skinny, Rich and Happy by Brian Klemmerer The author explores what is missing and the real reason why most people do not succeed. The secret is found in seven paradigms that will change the course of your life. It has produced dramatic lasting change in a short period of time for tens of thousands of people and can for you, too.

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How Optimistic  Are You, Really?

What you believe will directly influence your results.
Your confidence is impacted by feelings of positivity.
And confidence sells.
Do you feel optimistic: all of the time, some of the time, none of the time?
If you did not answer "all of the time," what impact might that be having on your confidence? Your results? Can others see and feel your optimism?

"The average pencil is 7 inches long with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead." ~ Robert Brault
If optimism seems out of reach for you, cultivate it by committing yourself to a cause, a plan, or a value system. This growth toward a meaningful end will help you rise above day-to-day setbacks.

Choose to move forward regardless of setbacks. Accept the fact of where you are, but never let go of the perspective "I will prevail!" It will help you restore your faith in yourself. Enroll in a self development plan with an optimistic focus on goal achievement.

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John Branstad
John Branstad

Quote of the Month

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." ~ Helen Keller"
John Branstad