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Thursday, July 22, 2010
Upcoming Events


Kobain Bar (33 Waugh Drive), THURSDAY, JULY 22nd
from 6PM til???  Bring a friend & let's get together for a few drinks &
have some fun!! If you have any questions, please email Ann at

Thursday, July 22 through Sunday, July 25 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Reliant Park. This promises to be a fun event, full of new friends, dogs, and plenty of opportunities to shop for your special pet! LSBR is looking for volunteers and the donation of raffle items. If you are interested in helping, please contact Charlotte at
ANIMAL TALES YAPPY HOUR - Come on out to Animal Tales in Katy on FRIDAY,
JULY 30th from 6-8pm for Yappy Hour. The entire store is 20% off
(including premium food) and there is a special treat for the month of
July with all proceeds going to LSBR. LSBR will be showcasing some of our
dogs at the event so come show your support and get some great deals. If
you are interested in
 volunteering or can bring a dog to the event (and
have not already contacted Tonya), please email Tonya at

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Lone Star Boxer Rescue
Adopt A Boxer
 Ace is a two-year-old boxer boy who is friendly and very vocal. He's not a barker, but loves to "chat" in a growly boxer voice at every opportunity! Ace is big and can be rambunctious if excited, so he'll do best in a home with an experienced owner and no small children. He's very smart and obedient, has mastered all of his basic commands, is perfectly leash-trained, and can even potty on command! He is well-behaved indoors, crate-trained, and has not displayed any destructive or mischievous behaviors around the house or in his crate. He is heartworm positive but asymptomatic, and has been receiving treatment for nine months. His current foster parent is willing to work with you fully to help Ace transition into his loving forever home. He's a joy to be around and will make a wonderful addition to your family. To learn more about Ace, contact us today!

Having a Baby?
How to introduce your new baby to your family pet. 

I am often asked about dogs and children sharing household space, along with the age-old question, "How do we introduce our dog to our new baby?" The answer I always give is, "It depends on your relationship with your pet".

Dogs and people are about RELATIONSHIPS, in which the human is the leader and the dog starts as an unskilled follower. Once you have clarified these roles, you then grow into a superior/subordinate partnership with more freedoms and privileges being earned by the dog along the way as he develops the needed skills. At this point, getting dogs to be successful in and around babies or children or any other new, unfamiliar or stressful situation becomes the benefit.  Click here to read more....

LSBR Bonita-Belle Rescues Her New Owner
Charlotte L. Lampe (adopter)

    Three years ago we brought home our LSRBoxer we named Belle- shortly after I moved into a new showroom for my business - early one afternoon a young man came in the door - looked around and ask me if I was alone. (I was) Belle was still trying to get use to everyone and every new thing and was still very skiddish - but that early afternoon at that moment she came and stood by my side touching my leg and growling the deepest most incredible gutteral sound I have ever heard. I asked how could I help him, he asked if "that dog would bite". Ireplied I didn't have a leash on her so perhaps he should stay there. After a short (felt like an eternity) time he said he should probably go. Belle never barked, just one deep continuous growl, she never left my side and as he slid out the door Belle slowly went to the door - I ran to the back got the keys and locked the door.  It has been 3 years since that day - I have never heard that growl since - but she KNEW trouble. I was so grateful to have Belle that day and EVERY day since. I know this is a long response. I want you all to know what you all do is so important - YOU ALL SAVED MY LIFE THAT DAY - you gave me an angel and a soulmate....Bonita now Belle

Tips for Hurricane Season

With hurricane season upon us, it's important to be prepared and ready to put a plan in action.  We found this great link to an article which we encourage you to read on the site.  Click here to read about "disaster preparedness."

About Us
     The mission of Lone Star Boxer Rescue is
to rescue and re-home boxers that
calendar frontcome to our organization from shelters, as strays and from owners who need to surrender their boxer due to life changing circumstances. Lone Star Boxer Rescue provides these animals with veterinary care, spay/neuter, vaccinations, food, temporary foster homes and placement in a carefully screened forever home where they will receive a second chance at life and an abundance of love.
LSBR 2010 Board Members

Debbie Lon -- Chairman --

Sharon Reitman -- President --

Alicia Ligon -- Vice President --

Jennifer Connolly -- Treasurer --

Charlotte Hall -- Secretary --