Vol. 3 Issue 3March 2011
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St. Patricks Day


Well the time has come to kick up your heels and take some time to enjoy your modeling acomplishments and celebrate St. Patricks Day!


We have some great New Releases for you this month. First, we have

60-5006 Montana Rail Link (MRL) featuring the new image logos for Diesels. 87-1337, 60-1337  50' Outside braced boxcars. 87-940, 60-940 Atlantic Coastline (ACL) - Boxcars and General Freight

and last but not least we have 87-842 Burlington Northern (BN) - Cabooses (revised)


BACK in STOCK: The following decal sets are now available.

87-75 Southern Pacific (SP) - "Steam Locomotive"

87-712 Wisconsin Central (WC) - Diesel - GP40
87-736 GATX - Tank Car - 50'
60-625 GATX - Tank Cars
87-805 Mitsui (MOL) Lines - Container - 45' - 40' - 20'
87-1153 VIA Rail Canada - P42 Diesels
60-4162 CSX - CSX Diesel Data
87-274 Western Pacific (WP)-Diesel-Hoods & Switchers

87-571, 60-571 Great Northern (GN) - Box Car - Express - 40'


Happy Model'en to ya!


Microscale Industries



Model Tank 13-4

We thought some of you might like to browse our Military Category this month and explore the great variety of decals we have in-stock. This 13-4 U.S. Military Armor Codes and Insignia (WWII) - 1/48 & 1/76 will make a great model for the kids. 


Models are not included!

March 2011 New Releases

Applying Decals on Silver and Plated Metallic Surfaces
Decal tracer film
Decal film is visible when a decal is applied to a metallic finish before using a clear top cote first.

Over the past few months I have received a few questions about the best approach to Applying decal over silver and metal plated surfaces. What happens is the clear film becomes visible when applied to a silver or metallic surface. I pitched this question to the modeling community since I hadn't had first hand experience with applying decals on silver or plated finishes. Mark Roach gave the following advice:


"The problem with most metallics (especially silver) is that any solvent-based clear applied over the base finish will cause the metallic particles to re-float to the surface creating a blotchy finish. The metallic paint (silver, gold, etc.) needs to be clear coated in order to prevent this and the resulting "silvering" under the transparent portion of the decal.

The only real answer I've found is to clear coat the metallic finish first with an acrylic clear gloss - Future Floor Wax* works great. If the decals are being applied in a predefined panel, you can just brush a smooth coat of Future in the panels that are to be decaled. For a final over-all finish, if you want something other than flat, I would recommend shooting the entire car with an acrylic finish first to seal the metallic particles in place. You can then overcoat the acrylic with whatever solvent-based finish you desire.

Plated or bare metal surfaces do need some kind of clear finish first to have something for the decal film to meld in to. Solvaset will dissolve the decal film, but when it dries, the film is still just sitting on the surface.

If it's a factory painted surface, your safest bet is to apply a coat of Future Floor Wax*. On real plated or bare metal surfaces, the Future also works fine, but you could also use a solvent based clear first as there would be no reaction with the metallic pigments that paint has.

In any case, the surface needs to be really clean (especially with Future Floor Wax*) in order for it to flow out smoothly. Finger-prints and any surface oils will cause the Future Floor Wax* to repel from that area. If for some reason something goes awry with your Future Floor Wax application, it can be easily removed using any ammonia-based window cleaners such as Windex and not affect the original finish - but once it has cured, it's there to stay.

Some people have reported hazing using Solvaset on decals applied over a Future Floor Wax* clear coat. This is usually caused by the Future Floor Wax* not being fully cured first - count on overnight for full curing. If this does happen, apply another coat of Future Floor Wax* over the decal and the hazing should go away.

The one thing I can't stress enough is that you let the Future Floor Wax* cure fully before using any decal setting agents on it - let it set for a good 24 hours.

I don't know the chemical make-up of decal setting solutions, but there's something in them that will dissolve Future and remove it if it's not fully cured. Also, don't scrub the decal solution or work it around. Apply it and leave it.

Using Micro-Set under the decal can also help as well if the decal is being applied over objects like panel lines and rivets."


Thank you Mark Roach, you can visit his custom paint website here:



* Future Floor Wax is more of an acrylic paint then a wax. The word "wax" might confuse the application to modeling. It has been renamed in 2007 please review this note on the SC-Johnson website. 

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2009 Catalog IN THE WORKS

Each month we will be letting you know what we're working on for the near future. Please remember to check out this newsletter each month for details of upcoming releases.   
Coming Soon...
Milwaukee Road Airslide plus 4000cuft and smaller covered hoppers
Burlington Northern Gray Hoppers (revised)
Chicago Great Western Cabooses
Western Pacific Steel Cabooses (update insert)


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