Vol. 3 Issue 1January 2011
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All of us here at Microscale want to wish you all a Happy New Year. We have been busy putting the final touches on some great New Products and have revised a few popular decal sets as well. This month we have updated & revised the Seaboard Coast Line-SCL (86-6). We added Rio Grande (87-82) as an Insert, created a cool new Chicago Northwestern-C&NW Boxcar decal set (87-1333) with multiple style heralds - Circa 1960.


In addition, we created the Ann Arbor (AA) Locomotive, Boxcar & Caboose decal set (87-1348). And last but not least...we created an insert for the Iowa Interstate RR (87-551) that includes yellow frame stripes now standard on the IAS and more data on the set.


We are confident you will enjoy these exciting new additions and hope you have some fun adding these to your project list.


Behind the scenes we are working on some great new products for the coming months and suggest you keep your eyes on the inbox in February.

Happy Modeling!


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January 2011 New Releases


87-551 insert
87-551 Revised

Iowa Interstate RR

This set will include an insert to add the yellow frame stripes now standard on the IAS Locomotives. There is also the inclusion of more data for the long hood for auto start and other placards needed to completely model a locomotive. 

SCL 50' PS-1 Boxcar
BY Craig Zeni
Model by Craig Zeni 
Revised 87-6
Revised 87-6 decal set.

The car started life as a Kadee ACL car, p/n 6135.  Kadee nailed this car down to the tiny weld bead seen on the sidesill slopes and the Stein bearing retainers on the trucks which have never been done before.  I acquired an extra model, disassembled and stripped the paint from the model.  I repainted it with Floquil CSX black - nice and glossy so ready for decals when it's dry.  The bulk of the lettering came from 87-6, SCL Freight Cars.  Almost all of the data came from 87-460, gothic lettering.  I was still missing the loader mark on the door (circle with the bar through it) and was able to find one pair on 87-504.  Lettering was arranged based on a photo from my friend Warren Calloway.  Lettering was applied using Micro Set as the base wetting agent, with MicroSol applied to make the decals really stay.  I let the decals cure for a week, washed the model gently with soap and water to remove any glue residue, and applied Dullcote.

Some notes about the revised 87-6 decal set
The set has experienced some updates to better reflect the variations with the slogans on the 40' and 50' boxcars. Woodchip cars have been removed and will have a dedicated sheet for Woodchip cars as well as gondolas in the near future. Boxcar data specific to the SCL has been added including the loader mark and the ability to notate the boxcar classes. There are 2 styles of reporting mark fonts as well as #2s. Some cars look like the paint shop used an upside down and backwards #5 in place of a #2. This set will now completely letter a PS boxcar in 40' and 50' length and can more easily be adapted to other boxcar variations as well. 87-460 will still need to be used for end data and for variations in capacity and dimensional markings.

2009 Catalog IN THE WORKS

Each month we will be letting you know what we're working on for the near future. Please remember to check out this newsletter each month for details of upcoming releases.

Coming Soon...
Great Northern Gray Scheme Covered Hoppers
Western Pacific Steel Caboose Insert
62' and 73' Centerbeam Data
SD70ACe and SD70-2 Data


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