Vol. 2 Issue 8August 2010
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This month we are making some great revisions to some previously produced decal sets. We are also putting out a request to all of you who are activly modeling to submit an article that we may publish in our Newsletter.
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We invite you to submit your best "HOW TO" articles for publication in our monthly newsletter. We know how talented you are and we figured it would be a great way to showcase your work.
The only condition is that you write an article that will be of interest to other Microscale modelers and that you use some Microscale products such as Microscale Solution or a decal set(s).
If your article is selected and used in our Newsletter, you will be entitled to 4 FREE decal sheets of your choice from our regular stock.
With your submission, please include your written release for Microscale to use the information and photos for publication. 

August 2010 Reprints

87-1328 updated Milwaukee Caboose set87-1328 Insert - Milwaukee Road Cabooses
Just as the new decal set debuts, a few modelers mentioned a few things that were omitted in the new decal set.  This insert provides a more common lettering board font and size for the maroon (The lettering board on the main decal set is a perfect match for caboose #01984), Lettering for the boxcar red cabooses-including appropriate striping, and a few other data omissions, previously not included.

GATX Rail Locomotive Group Motive Power and Modeling
BY Chris Palomarez

GATX LocomotiveGATX Lease locomotives are a very interesting and vibrant group among today's trains. GATX itself buys, sells, leases power to railroads and companies that need extra power for their operations. GATX rosters a variety of power including SW1000, SW1500, MP15, GP15-1, GP35 (rebuilt to GP38s), GP38, GP38-2, GP40, and SD60 type models. One of the most commonly seen models is the GP38/GP38-2 that can be frequently found servicing your favorite railroad's yard anywhere in the U.S.

You can find more information on the GATX roster including disposition here:

July 2010 New ReleasesMicroscale provides #87-1317 (HO) and #60-1317 (N) that will cover the current GATX locomotive paint scheme. I recommend using Testors Model Masters #1110 Bright Blue from the Automotive Color Line for the blue. You can use any paint manufacturers white for the nose. I tend to prefer the Testors Gloss White as I don't have to spray a gloss cote before decaling.

A wide variety of manufacturers make locomotives suitable for painting into the recent GATX scheme. Some are simply patched with GMTX reporting marks and a new number. For the GP38/GP38-2 Atlas makes a nice GP38 model in their Master Series and a GP38-2 in their Trainman Line. Life Like Proto 2000 also has a GP38-2 as well as Athearn. Each one has their finer points so it's really open to the modeler which way to proceed with recreating one of these models.

Since many of these locomotives were acquired from different railroads second hand, there are many detail differences between each locomotive. These differences can also apply to each locomotive even if the same series! Be sure to reference photographs to accurately represent the prototype. They are all individuals but that is what makes them interesting and fun to model. Details Associates and Details West make much of the aftermarket details to apply to these locomotives.

You can visit Dan Thomas' work with recreating one of these locomotive on the Diesel Detailer forum:

Happy Modeling!

2009 Catalog IN THE WORKS

Each month we will be letting you know what we're working on for the near future. Please remember to check out this newsletter each month for details of upcoming releases.

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UP Steam Locomotive Indicator Numbers
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