Vol. 1 Issue 12
November 2009 
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With over 75 years of tradition, Microscale continues to develop and create exciting "New Releases" to fuel your hobby experience.
This month we are featuring a few "Bicentennial" roadnames from GTW, D&H, MoPac, C&NW and ICG.  In addition, we have a step by step article on stripping a boxcar's appearance and fashioning it into another roadname. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all our loyal customers!

                            Micro Liquidtape        
Micro Liquidtape is a liquid adhesive that when applied to one side of a part and allowed to dry, can be pressed onto another clean part where it will stick firmly enough for a display model and you can take it apart again and again as long as the parts stay clean.  Even then, another coat will renew it.
Say you would like to do a complete interior on a model, but when the model is finished you cannot see inside. If the top or some likely part is separate, you could use Micro Liquidtape as the final assembly and retain the ability to remove it at any time, revealing your detailed interior.

Something from Nothing  BY CHRIS PALOMAREZ

Ever wonder what some of the train set freight cars are really patterned after? Before you decide to throw that boxcar away, consider this: There are some freight cars out there that are lurking in train sets that resemble real world freight cars! One of the most notable is the Life Like 50' boxcar with a flat roof and a single 10' Superior door. This car is patterned after the Penn Central's X-29 boxcar. The boxcar also went to Canadian National, Conrail, Western Pacific, and a variety of smaller leasing railroads.
Techniques and approaches for modifying this car have been featured in print. Be sure to reference this link for more information on the model and prototype car:
My car was inspired by James Eager's models as demonstrated in the now defunct Railmodel Journal. I chose the Conrail car as the subject for this article. I started with a Life Like 50' boxcar in "Vlasic Pickles" scheme.
Vlasic Pickles

1. Completely disassemble the freight car, remove the underframe, and place the shell into Chameleon paint stripper (http://www.chameleonproductsonline.com/). Be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions and warnings. Let sit for 5 minutes and remove all old paint with a tooth brush. Repeat as many times as necessary to completely remove all old paint.
2. Once all the paint is removed, place stripped shell into a bath of rubbing alcohol to completely remove and neutralize the paint stripper.
3. - Advanced Step - If you decide to remove the molded on side ladders and brake wheel to be replaced with better looking separate parts, this is the stage to perform that operation. Use an X-acto chisel blade and make multiple passes following the contour of the dreadnaught ends and other model features.
4. Replace underframe with a Details West #183 50' Evans Cushioned Underframe.  - Advanced Step - you can upgrade the details on the underframe with wire to simulate the brake lines and air hoses.
5. Paint the entire model using Testors Brown #1140C2 with an airbrush for best results.
6. Apply decals from set #87-1046 use #60-1046 for N-scale. Use the directions indicated with both the application of Micro-Sol and Micro-Set. Reference the Microscale FAQ "Basic Instructions for the Application of Microscale Waterslide Decals". Let model set over night to give ample evaporation time.
7. Coat final finish with Testors Dull Cote (Bottle - #1260, Spray - #1160). Again airbrushing the Dull Cote will yield finer results.
8. - Advanced Step - Final weathering application. Water colors and chalks work well to duplicate the rust marks etc. found on the real car. Reference the actual photos to best replicate the appearance of Mother Nature.
9. Painting trucks, wheels, and couplers will enhance the overall appearance of the entire model. - Advanced Step - For the display model Kadee 70-ton roller bearing trucks (#560 http://www.kadee.com/htmbord/page560.htm), Kadee Couplers (#58 http://www.kadee.com/htmbord/page58.htm) were used for enhanced operation and appearance.
10. - Advanced Step -  Adding extra details helps too! Detail Associates Coupler Cut Bar (#6215) and High Tech Details Air Hose (#6036) for the final touches.


2009 Catalog IN THE WORKS

Each month we will be letting you know what we're working on for the near future. Please remember to check out this newsletter each month for details of upcoming releases.

87-1301 -  CSX 60' and 86' Boxcars
87-1310 - Southern Pacific Gondolas
MC-5007 - Candian National new web address logos various sizes
MC-5009 - ACFX Centerflow Grey Hoppers 4650,5250 and 5701 cuft Data

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