Vol. 1 Issue 6
May 2009 

The beautiful thing about working with Microscale is that they have not allowed me to make a mistake. Anything that looks like it might be wrong, they ask me about; I've worked with lots of printers who would just go ahead and produce the art you sent them. We're doing really really small things, and Microscale always manages to get the colors to butt properly and to trap properly...I'm amazed at the quality they provide to me.

Bob Raymond     (click here to see more images on our website)
C&R Racing

C&R Image 6

Joseph Aymer

On behalf of Microscale Industries, we would like to extend our warmest thanks to Joseph Giuseppe Aymar

Your presentations on renumbering locomotives at the PCR Regional in Freemont, CA were everything we hoped they would be. The people in attendance must have been equally impressed, because the response has been very positive.

Also, congratulations on your first place win in the diesel category (The City of San Francisco E2's ABB set) and your Best in Show win with the Scratch built chlorine car. The use of Microscale decals on both is greatly appreciated.

micro coat satinPRODUCT PROFILE

"The Micro Coat finishes are more than just a pretty look. This is one tough finish, and a real breakthrough in a modern formulation of water reducible acrylic resin. For models that get a lot of handling this is the answer. Even the Micro Coat Flat and Micro Coat Satin continue to look like new after a great deal of handling. One of the main reasons for the Micro Coat finishes is that they are the ideal way to be sure that your Microscale Decals perform up to their potential for realism. Micro Coat Clear gives you a 'wet look' shine that replicates the new synthetic paint used on the real thing. It is also the answer for a glossy base necessary for decaling. All the Micro Coat Finishes use the same water clear acrylic resin, which is tough and flexible and adheres strongly to paint and plastic. It is rated to last at least twenty years under ordinary conditions, for models this should be forever. "
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Decal Finishing IN THE WORKS

Each month we will be letting you know what we're working on for the near future. Please remember to check out this newsletter each month for details of upcoming releases.

- KCS Southern Belle Executive F Units
- Wheeling & Lake Erie Orange & Black Speed
  Lettering Locomotives
- Wheeling & Lake Erie Speed Lettering Hoppers
  & Freight Cars
- TTX circa 2008 + New Logo
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