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June 2012

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Summer Lawn Tips for Homeowners
Turf Disease and grubs...is your lawn infested?
Great Summer Lawn Games for Kids
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As we approach the summer months it is very important, as a homeowner, that you are taking the necessary steps to help your lawn thrive.  Here are a couple of easy tips that will really make a positive impact on your home lawn.   

Mowing:  As the temperatures rise quickly through summer it will be important that you raise your mower blades to the tallest settings.  Mowing your lawn down to a minimum of 3" and letting it grow to 4" will do a great job of helping the turf shade itself and retain more water.  Click Here for more info on proper mowing. However the mowing height instructions on the link are more for spring and fall, so please mowing at the taller settings noted above.

Watering:   Usually when it comes to watering homeowners face one of two problems; they are either watering not enough or too much.  Those that don't have an irrigation system generally water too little and those that have an irrigation system generally water too much.  During the summer it is important to water at a high volume with less frequency.  So, watering 2-3 times a week in each area for 45 min or so should work well depending on how hot and dry it is. Also, make sure to water in the early am (4-9am) to ensure we are not increasing disease on the lawn and losing water to evaporation.  Click Here for more info on water instructions.


Turf Killers: Grub and Lawn Disease


white grub

It is that time of year again to be on the look out for things that will damage your home lawn.  

Japanese Beetle

Right now we are seeing active grubs eating the roots of your lawn.  We are finding grubs across our entire service area and they can do significant damage to a home lawn.  The adult stage of the white grubs is the Japanese beetle that you will see flying around eating your trees and ornamentals in July.  


Click Here for more info on the White Grub/Japanese Beetle life cycle.  

Turf disease is an often misunderstood problem.  As temperatures start to increase and humidity rises, the environment for fungus and disease is escalated and it can cause major problems that you may say on your lawn.  
Here are a few things to watch for:


Necrotic Ring Disease-Click Here for more info


Patch Diseases-Click Here for more info


Leaf Spot Diseases-Click Here for more info


Necrotic Ring Disease

 Red ThreadAschochyta 2summer patch

Great Summer Lawn Games for Kids and Family


If you've got kids, then you know that summer vacation is just around the corner. That means approximately 75 days of fun, so long as you can come
Dawson Huston and Evan
up with enough activities to keep everyone entertained on those days when they can't entertain themselves. If you're not too sure exactly what the kids might enjoy, check out some of these ideas below that have worked for a number of other parents. And, best of all, these ideas can provide hours of fun for less than $10.
Click Here for the rest of the story! 


Call us or email us with any questions or concerns you may have.  The only thing we appreciate more than positive feedback is the infrequent complaint so that we can get right on it to alleviate any concern or disappointment you have.


All our best, have an awesome spring and start to the summer!



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