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July 2011

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Japanese Beetles and Grubs
Summer Turf Diseases
Mosquitoes - Record Year
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Weed Man is busier than ever making your lawns look the best they can possibly be!  We've been contacting you to speak about the Japanese Beetle and White Grubs.  We do offer a preventative grub control that can 100% guarantee a lawn free of grub damage for a complete year!  We also are offering an insect control to be applied to your flowers, vines, and shrubs that will protect them from the dreaded Japanese Beetle!  G
Japanese Beetleive us a call to schedule your grub control or your flower/shrub application today!     When our staff calls you be sure to let us know how your lawn looks!  We always strive to make your lawn the best possible!
Grub Damage

Thank you,

Your Weed Man Team

Summer Turf Diseases

Necrotic Ring, Ascochyta, and Red Thread problems among others

Have you seen your lawn or a neighbors look like one of these pictures?
Necrotic ring patchAschochyta 2

Click here for more information on how to help these areas recover and how to prevent them in the future!

Red Thread 

Mosquitoes... Expected Record Year   

With all the rain and heat we've had the mosquitoes are expected to be the worst in years! 

Call Weed Man today and take back your home environment from those pesky blood suckers. 


Most customers that had the service last year already have it scheduled this season because it works so well!


MosquitoQuick Facts about Mosquitoes and our Comprehensive Insect Reduction Application:


         Mosquitoes hide out in the lawn and in your shrubs during the day when it's hot.  You'll notice all the mosquitoes fly up as you mow your lawn during the day.  By spraying the bushes and lawn you eliminate the mosquitoes that live here. 


         Our application is micro-encapsulated; this is how we guarantee 3-4 weeks of results.  Other granular or liquid applications that are not micro-encapsulated will last for only a few days.  Weed Man uses a product that gets you great results. 


         The application that we perform is called a Comprehensive Insect Reduction.  This application is also effective against Japanese Beetles, ants, fleas, and ticks.  If you're worried about protecting your rose bushes, this application will do that and reduce your mosquito population. 


Call today and ask for pricing!

608 824-0043 / 866 987-9333
Remember that here at Weed Man our number one goal is to make you happy with your lawn!  Thanks again for your continued trust!

Terry Kurth

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