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Union Family,


On behalf of the UCA Booster club I would like to ask for your help.  The UCA Senior High Baseball Team under the guidance of Drake Smith and Mike Clark have won their District and as of today qualified at the Regional Tournament in Bigelow for the State Tournament.  With the Athletic Banquet approaching, the Booster Club is really low on funds right now.  I would like to ask that those that can, to make a donation to the Baseball Team to help cover their "FOOD" while they are playing, please send this money with your child next week to school and turn it in at the U. 


This money will only be used for meals for the team only.  This week in regionals for the team each person received $25 for3 meals a day for the 4 days they competed.  (there are 15 on the team).  If you do the math that is (25 X 15 X 4 = 1500).  On the travel days they will not get the full 25 and it works out to about $1200.00 should they make it to the finals.  No donation is too small.


If you can help any at all on this it would be appreciated.  The boys are in the final stages of competing for a state title, we need to make sure they have the energy they need to compete at their highest level.




Rick Massengale

Booster Club President