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- Saturday's Tasting: Wine Authorities' Greatest Hits!

top Greetings! 
Celebrate Year Five With
a High Five!
  High Five!  
     We've just crossed the threshold of September tenth, which marked our fifth year of getting to know you at Wine Authorities!  These five years have been highlights of our lives, and we're celebrating in style.  Having gotten over the "five-year hump," we've offered a week of celebratory savings which began on Monday (our birthday) and is set to end this Saturday (September 15th).
     A 20% discount will be available through Saturday on all in stock wines!  You're welcome to use it as often as you like, and all you have to do is present us with a high five when you check out.  It's like a secret handshake, and it gets you 20% off of the price on your favorite wines at Wine Authorities!

Recent Arrivals: 
  • Reja - Ribolla 2010  $19.99  
  • Wandanna - Montecarlo Rosso 2010  $14.99
  • Aia Vecchia - Vermentino 2011  $12.99 
  • Hook & Ladder - Zinfandel 2010  $23.99  
  • Dr. Konstantin Frank - Riesling (Dry) 2011  $16.99
  • Weingut Binz - Riesling Trocken [1 liter] 2011  $14.99
  • Weingut Binz - Pinot Blanc "Nackenheimer" Kabinett 2011  $16.99
  • Schafer - "The Chancellor" 2011  $14.99
  • Paul Anheuser - "Blanc de Noir" 2011  $15.99
  • Fred Prinz - Riesling Trocken 2007  $16.99
  • Mas del Périé - Cahors "Les Escures" 2010  $18.99
  • Jean Paul Brun - Beaujolais Rosé "Rosé d' Folie" 2011  $16.99
  • Caves Byrrh - Grand Quinquina Aperitif $23.99
And check out this month's great
Six for Sixty! 
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Rosé Limerick Contest: 
The judges are now deliberating!
Constitution or limerick contest entry?

    We'd like to thank everyone who participated in this year's Rosé Limerick contest. We received some of the most amusing tributes to our rosé muses ever!  After four years of this contest, we're thrilled that our customers continue to share our undying thirst for pink wine.  The judges are currently deliberating over the many entries, and winners will be announced soon!

The Prizes:
  • 1st prize - $50 Wine Authorities Gift Certificate 
  • 2nd prize - $30 Enomatic Card 
  • 3rd prize - Two bottles of any DAILY-priced rosés 
     Our panel of celebrity judges this year is composed of some of the nicest people in the world, and we're lucky enough to have them right here among us!:
Billy and Kelli Cotter, chef owners of Toast Paninoteca, one of North Carolina's culinary treasures. Not only was Kelly our bronze medalist in our Rosé Limerick contest of 2008, but they've both had every rosé in the garden this year!  And for God's sake, if you haven't eaten at Toast yet, run-don't-walk to some of the best food around!
     Phil Cook, multi-instrument musician, of the American music band Megafaun.  Few people in the world love performing music as much as Phil, and it shows. Whether rocking out in avante-roots trio Megafaun or striking it solo as Phil Cook & His Feat, he's a joy to watch and hear.
Land ArnoldLand Arnold, co-owner of Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill is a recent convert to rosé, and a longtime lover of words.  What kind of nut opens an independent bookstore while they're going out of business all across the country? Our favorite kind of nut, one with passion and a fresh, clever perspective. That's what makes Flyleaf so special.
The Rosé Garden 
Showcasing our fondness for juicy, dry, pink wines that are arguably the best flavor of wine during a Carolina summer.
Rose Garden 2011 staff
Currently in the Garden: 

Domaine Amido - Tavel "Amandines" '11 $19.99
Domaine Pinchinat
Provence Rosé '11 $13.99
La Croix Gratiot - "Roséphine" '11 $9.99
Tegernseerhof - Zweigelt Rosé '11 $14.99  
Los Frailes - Monastrell Rosé '11 $9.99
Peñalba Lopez - Montecastrillo Rosado '11 $15.99
Jean Paul Brun - Rosé d'Folie '11 $16.99
Domaine la Bouysse - Rosé Hauterive '11 $10.99

Pink RibbonA portion of all our dry Rosé sales is being donated directly to the fight against breast cancer.  So far you've helped us raise over $12,000!


 Why, thank you!

Real Customer Comment:

"I bought a new place, and I bought it because I will pass by here on my way from work.  You'll be seeing a lot more of me!"

  - Quentin S.     


Tasty Tuesday!

  This Tuesday, September 18th, we present our mid-week FREE wine tasting.  Every Tuesday is tasty! From 5:00 - 6:30, we host this bonus tasting of three wines to get you through the early week and land you safely on hump day!
The Walrus & The Carpenter
   With September (and the army of "R" containing months which follow) comes the most sought-after bivalve of all - the oyster!  While it's not as smart as the octopus or as fast as the squid, it's one of the most impressive mollusks around for an entirely different reason: deliciousness.
    Whether raw, baked, steamed, or fried, fresh oysters simply don't disappoint, and neither do the wines that we've chosen to pair with them.  We're featuring a razory white Bordeaux (made mostly from Sauvignon Blanc), a spritzy Txakoli (¡Hay!), and a Picpoul (quite possibly the Mediterranean's most seafood savvy-wine of all time).
And don't forget:
Tasty Tuesday 20% 
Mixed Case Discount! 
    After you taste, put together 12 bottles from our Tasty Tuesday lineup, and we'll take an entire 20% off!
This Saturday from 12 to 3 PM  
"try before you buy" at
our FREE tasting
Greatest Hits!
Wine Authorities' Greatest Hits! 

   Some wines far transcend simply being "white" or "red." They go gold or even platinum!  Such is the case with the five we're featuring at our tasting this Saturday - a look back (but also forward) at what have become known as "Wine Authorities Selections," a portfolio of wines which is exclusive to our shop.  These selections are ones which we've personally scouted out, and they've become some of your favorites as well.  This weekend, let's take a stroll down memory lane and contemplate what bright secrets the future holds!

(WEEKLY WINE: $12 to $19.99)


Mas Codina Brut Nature Mas Codina

Cava Brut Nature Reserva

{organic} Macabeu, Xarel-lo

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir 

(Penedes, Spain)

From the Alt Penedes region of Catalonia, which is the highest elevation region where fine Cava is made, comes this serious but fun (serious fun!?!) Brut Nature. These are the driest of all sparkling wines. Toni Garriga spent the...
On Sale $14.99 [Full description]


(WEEKLY WINE: $12 to $19.99)


Pinchinat Rosé Domaine Pinchinat

Cotes de Provence Rosé  

{organic} Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah 

 (Provence, France)

Served cold, this goes down easily (and very quickly) just as it would in the land where it's made. Picture this: you, your love, and your closest friends around a small table with a saffron table cloth. It's dusk. Cool breezes relieve the heat of the day. Delicious grilled meats, salads, and fresh...
  On Sale $13.99 [Full Description] 



(DAILY WINE: $11.99 or LESS)


Garrigon CDR

Domaine Le Garrigon 

Cotes du Rhone Rouge   

{organic} 60% Grenache,

30% Carignan, 10% Syrah

(Southern Rhone, France)

From organic winegrower Daniel Couston comes this youthful and classically styled Rhone red with dark berry flavors, lightly smoky black tea and loads of the producer's namesake garrigues (the aroma of wild thyme, rosemary, lavender, and...
On Sale $11.99 [Full description]


(DAILY WINE: $11.99 or LESS)


Bodegas Los Frailes 


{organic} 100% Monastrell  

(Valencia, Spain)

The sandy dry soils of Valencia yield outstanding Monastrell grapes full of ripe berry goodness. Oodles of blackberry and black cherry fall out of the glass, cascading into a velvet robe cradling your tongue in a bath of...
On Sale $9.99 [Full description]


(WEEKLY WINE: $12 to $19.99)

Aliaga Viña Aliaga 


85% Tempranillo,

15% Cabernet Sauvignon

(Navarra, Spain)

Carlos Aliaga created this cuvée (a blend) by blending modern and traditional grapes and techniques at his Navarra estate. Mostly traditional Tempranillo with France's Cabernet Sauvignon give us a rich berry quality with a hint of mint or basil on the finish. A firm, pleasurable...

                                               On Sale $14.99 [Full Description] 




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Hope to see you Saturday!

Our best to you,
Grand Poobah & the Wine Authorities staff 
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Six for Sixty
6 for Sixty
Here's our deal this month; a package of six reds or six whites for $60 plus tax.  You can double down and buy two: one of each or two of one for $110 plus tax.  Sorry, no other discounts apply.

Show me the six

Show me the six

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on the Enomatic:  Enomatic
Here's what's on tap, subject to change on a whim or fancy

Whites (48˚F):


Labranche Laffont 

Pacherenc du vic bilh 

$19.99 on sale




$13.99 on sale


Jean Paul Bru

Rosé d' Folie 

$16.99 on sale


"First Hill" White 

$11.99 on sale


 Reds (65˚F): 


Robert Serol 

Les Blondines 

$18.99 on sale


Tre Donne 



$20.99 on sale


Domaine le Garrigon 

Cotes du Rhone
$11.99 on sale

Adega de Pegoes 

Setubal Tinto  

 $10.99 on sale






Domaine Pinchinat 

Venus Rouge 

$10.99 on sale


Montecarlo Rosso 

$14.99 on sale



"Red 3"
$19.99 on sale





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