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Official Press Release - Gastromatic
Hey everyone, this press release went out yesterday, but we figured you'd rather hear it from us. Please sign up for a time slot if you want to see the machine. Details are at the Gastromatic website.
 Thanks - Seth & Craig.

DURHAM, NC - Wine Authorities is proud to be the home of the very first North American installation of the Gastromatic (www.Gastromatic.net), a self-serve food sampling machine intended for teaching about wine and food pairing.  This machine was developed in Europe after the popularity of the Enomatic self-serve wine tasting machine.  The Gastromatic and Enomatic have no common ownership.

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"We are thrilled to be part of the final testing of the Gastromatic and, the only machine in North America so far," said Seth Gross, Co-founder of Wine Authorities in Durham North Carolina (www.wineauthorities.com)  Gross further commented, "I think this will take our store to a whole new level when it comes to educating our customers about food and wine pairing."  The Gastromatic features twelve food taps with the ability to sample various changing foods in small portions along with different sauces.  This is the first machine in the world which can squirt a sample of salami or prosciutto, some sashimi with wasabi, or a dollop of ice-cream with peanut brittle.

"This is all about our mission statement of continuing wine and food eduction in Durham," said the other Wine Authorities Co-founder Craig Heffley.  "We often talk about the synergy between old world wines and their food friendly qualities.  The Gastromatic will allow us to put food where our mouths are."  

The Wine Authorities Gastromatic was installed on Tuesday evening, March 31st and is available for sampling starting Wednesday.  Health department officials currently have no comment on the machine as it is brand new technology, never before seen in the US.  European beta testing has shown that some health considerations need to be taken into account before trying the Gastromatic.  Common symptoms have included headache, nausea, mild bowel discomfort, and an aversion to most foods for 24 hours.  Until FDA approval is finalized, users must sign a waiver to sample food from the machine.  The waiver is available on line at the
official Gastromatic  website: www.gastromatic.net.   Customers are advised to have the waiver filled out and signed by a witness before arriving at Wine Authorities.

"We are expecting long lines the first week or two since folks will be coming from all over the US to see this thing," warned Gross.  "I am concerned we will run out of food too quickly," warned Heffley. "We had the same thing happen at our first birthday party last year."

Chef/Owner Charlie Deal of Jujube restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC gave the following statement: "The Gastromatic is going to give my restaurant and waitstaff a tremendous leg up in customer service.  I plan to work with the guys at Wine Authorities and the Gastromatic to take server training to a whole new level.  My only concern is the staff calling in sick from the foods in the machine, so we will train them on alternating weekly shifts."

Currenty, Wine Authorities is finishing interviews with CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Dateline and the Independent all soon to air or go to print.  Customers are asked to go to the Gastromatic website to sign up for a time slot to view the machine for the first month in order to control the expected crowds.

"We sure don't want another NY America's Next Top Model situation on our hands here," commented WA employee Randy Bolick.

Wine Authorities is located at 2501 University Drive, Durham, NC 27707 (919) 489-2884.

For complete Gastromatic details visit:

Gastromatic 8 Tap
Thank you for reading this email.
Happy April 1st.
Be well and drink well,
Seth Gross & Craig Heffley
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