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                      August 2010
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John Dobson's 95th Birthday!
First Recognition Winner!!
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We hope everyone has been having a great summer and is getting ready to get busy with sidewalk astronomy as the days get shorter.
There will be many international projects for those of you interested and hopefully lots and lots of clear nights for public astronomy! Please let us know if you are interested in helping to organize upcoming events, we can always use the help.
We'll be celebrating John's 95th brithday with a day long event at Griffith Observatory on Sept 18th. 
In true sidewalk fashion, we'll be building at 12" telescope to use for observing the Moon that evening as part of the International Observe the Moon celebration.
There will be hands-on grinding for the public and any amateurs who want to get a work out. We'll also be assembling the mount so that everyone can see the entire telescope building process for themself.
There will be solar viewing, a booth for continual screening of "A Sidewalk Astronomer" and of course, we'll have JD on hand to talk and answer questions throughout the day!
In the afternoon, we'll do a congratulations presentation to John and then later in the day John will be holding a formal question and answer session in the Leonard Nimoy Theater.
After dark, we'll put our new scope (as well as many of our old ones) to use for a public star party. We'll join amateurs around the world as part of International Observe the Moon Night.
For those of you who can't make it, you can still send birthday wishes/sentiments to JD by leaving a message and we'll print them all out and present them to him during the celebration.  
for more details check the Sidewalk Astronomers' Website.
First Sidewalk Recognition Award Recipient Confirmed!!
Congratulations to TED BLANK for reaching the 50 hours milestone!!!!! What is really amazing is that he did it in Vermont, in cold weather. 
Each of his qualifing events was a true sidewalk observing session and he is now on his way to the next level.
It took Ted less than a year and he has set an impressive pace for the rest of us.
I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter, please submit updates on your local activities to be included in future editions. Send an email to with "newsletter submission" in the subject line (this is important, we get massive amounts of email and articles won't make it to the newsletter without that note). As you can see, photos will be small so make sure that any you send represent well in this size.   
Please forward this email to other amateur astronomers that you feel would enjoy reading it and becoming part of the Sidewalk Astronomers community!
 Carpe Noctem... and share it!

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