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Newsletter of the Sidewalk Astronomers    Dec 2009 Update
March 20th chosen as date for 
4th ISAN! 
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Death Valley Star Party

Join John Dobson and the Sidewalk Astronomers in Death Valley. Please let us know if you plan on joining us. 
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I know there wasn't supposed to be a newsletter this month, but we had some last minute news that had to get out. Please look at the last two projects we have for IYA, both were thought up in the last week and we're hoping that at least some of you will join us. This has been such an amazing year, we just thought it needed something to usher it out. Also, I've left the Death Valley info up just in case any of you want to make some last minute adjustements to your schedule and come up.
Seasons Without Borders
Join amatuer astronomers around the world on Dec 21-22 by taking your telescope out for a couple of hours and sharing the sky with the public.  Seasons Without Borders is a program devised by amateur astronomers and supported by Astronomers Without Borders. As an affiliate of AWB, the Sidewalk Astronomers is taking part in this project and we hope many of you will join in.
Please visit the  AWB site, which is being updated for the latest information, to join in webcasting your event and to post your experiences.
Dusk of IYA
Just as we welcomed the International Year of Astronomy with Dawn of IYA, the Sidewalk Astronomers have decided to make a last minute project called Dusk of IYA to say good bye to this year of incredible astronomy activity.
We know that New Year's Eve is not a night that most of us want to do public astronomy, but we are asking that you take a scope out early in the evening and do a little solar observing as the Sun sets on the IYA. If you want to stay out and observe the Moon and Jupiter, that's even better. Really, parties don't start until nine and there won't be another IYA soon ...
We've set up a blog so that you can post your last photos of the year and and see what others around the world were doing at the end of 2009.  
I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter, please submit updates on your local activities to be included in future editions. Send an email to with "newsletter submission" in the subject line (this is important, we get massive amounts of email and articles won't make it to the newsletter without that note). As you can see, photos will be small so make sure that any you send represent well in this size.   
Please forward this email to other amateur astronomers that you feel would enjoy reading it and becoming part of the Sidewalk Astronomers community!
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