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Newsletter of the Sidewalk Astronomers    Nov 2009
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Death Valley Star Party
Galilean Nights in NY
Liverpool AS
Update on JD
New Sidewalk Recognition Program
From the Past - a Look at the Grand Canyon
Updates and Results from Sri Lanka and Bangalore
Hansen Dam Star Pary
Halloween Sidewalk Style
Festival of Sidewalk Astronomy
Crater Lake 1981
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Death Valley Star Party

Join John Dobson and the Sidewalk Astronomers in Death Valley. Please let us know if you plan on joining us. 
 Lodging, Directions, and Information

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Galilean Nights in New York by Tom McIntyre 
New York 
The moons of Jupiter cooperated nicely by doing a ballet of movements to the left and right of the planet.

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Astro Book Drive
Wigg Island Community Park Event by Dave Owen, Liverpool AS
We decided not to bring any telescopes as the weather looked likely to be very cloudy, with a forecast of lots of rain in the next few hours. Thankfully, some of our other members did bring telescopes! 

Latest update on JD  

san francisco.
John had a great time in San Francisco; he spent a couple of nights doing sidewalk observing on 9th and Irving, had a birthday party with the SFAA/SFSA
held a cosmology class, and made a quick appearance at a star party at Land's End. 
Once we get all the photos everyone took, we'll be sure to post them on the website. Above photo is JD and a new friend Nebojsa from Australia
Now that the International Year of Astronomy is drawing to a close, we'd like to hear your thoughts on this project. How did it affect you? Did it encourage your club to do more events? What do you think the legacy of IYA will be? How will you carry on the ideals of IYA? How can we keep the momentum going?
This month we have more updates from members around the world and some photos from the past. I found a report and photo from Owen Hoffman from last year, but the photo of the Grand Canyon was so good I really wanted to share it and thanks to Owen we also received some photos of the Sidewalk Astronomers at Crater Lake in 1981. 
We're also announcing our new Sidewalk Recognition Program and the date for ISAN 2010. We hope you will all take part in both of these programs.
The next newsletter will be in January so send in your articles and updates! 
Sidewalk Recognition Program!  
For some time we have been thinking of ways to recognize and encourage those amateurs who do street corner observing, and the result is this pin. 
We have program guidelines, applications, and event report forms on the website. The  program will start on Jan. 1, 2010 and events done from that time on will be eligible.

Grand Canyon 2007 by Owen Hoffman

I know that JD often hikes part way down the Grand Canyon before attending the GC star party. 
This Holiday Season, my wife and I headed west from Oak Ridge, TN to meet my sister at the South Rim.  I made my first hike down to Phantom Ranch and back in 20 years.  I'd like to share with you the "best" photo I've taken ever of this natural wonder.  It's attached. At the South Rim, it was clear but very cold.  It was far too cold and inconvenient to get out the telescope, which was in the back of our car, but I did take my sister and her boys out away from the lights of hotels and shops after dinner the day we finished the big hike to do some star gazing with binoculars and green laser.  They are from the SF Bay Area, and were really surprised at what was to be seen on a dry cold winter evening at 7000 feet elevation.  
To read the rest of the article and see the photo correctly - visit Grand Canyon

Updates on Sri Lanka Star Party 2009 and Bangalore's 30 Days Non-Stop Astronomy
Both India and Sri Lanka are extremely active for IYA. Sri Lanka events were great successes! Sri Lanka had over 600 attendees PLUS students at the Star Party and observing was only one aspect of the event, and they have more planned. Check out the results and future plans! 
Bangalore reached over 10,000 during their 30 day outreach event. Read the Full Results of this Amazing Project 
Star Parties at Hansen Dam
By Jerry Piro  
I am the Vice President of the East Valley Coalition and a board member of the Hansen Dam Advisory Board. I  was able to get permission from the City of Los Angeles and the Chief Park Ranger to have, working with Bob Alborzian and the Burbank California Sidewalk  Astronomers, star parties at Hansen Dam every second month.
read entire article at Hansen Dam Star Parties
Halloween in Old Town! by Jane Houston Jones
Sidewalk Astronomers have been setting up telescopes on Halloween as long as there have been sidewalk astronomers!
When we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, we'd cross the Golden Gate Bridge from home and head to the Castro District of San Francisco on Halloween. It was crazy! Tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of revelers flock to the Castro on Halloween but I think we were the only ones with telescopes!
That Halloween sidewalk astronomy tradition continues in San Francisco to this day. And now that we live in southern California we're carrying on the tradition.
Read more on Jane's blog
Festival of Sidewalk Astronomy  by Sergey Karpov 
On September 26, 2009 in the Central Park of Krasnoyarsk the first citywide Festival of Sidewalk Astronomy was held, we decided to carry on with the 100 Hours and hold another event in the fall. We are not afraid to say that it was definitely Siberia's and possibly Russia's first such event, which was attended by over a thousand people. 
Siberia Read entire article
Crater Lake 1981  
Photos by Lloyd Smithcrater lake
We don't have a lot of information about these photos, but they are still
a great reminder of the early days
of the Sidewalk Astronomers.
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