ISAN Results and Other News
A Great Night! 
ISAN was definately a success. Photos are now up at www.astroshorts.com along with a couple of videos.
The results so far are approx. 500 telescopes, over 1,100 amateurs, over 25,000 public who observed, 28 countries, and 154 locations. Since we had over 300 posted locations before the event, there are still a lot that haven't given us results.
We would like to stay in contact with all of you. I have a newsletter that needs to be finished and I would love to include your stories/photos about ISAN. Please send those articles and photos ( 1 or 2 - ones that are good in low res black/white) to me at dsmith1055@earthlink.net and PLEASE write "newsletter" in the subject line. Also be sure to include your mailing address. Even if you sent them already, please send them again (my email box was VERY, VERY full in the days following the event).
We also want to encourage all of you to continue with sidewalk observing. Remember that we always like to hear about your events.
Sidewalk Astronomers membership and Regional Contacts 
Many of you have offered to be regional contacts for the next ISAN. We are looking for local and regional contacts for the Sidewalk Astronomers also and this would go beyond just ISAN.
Local and Regional contacts would be listed on our website and in our newsletters and would be responsible for:
1. Keeping thier contact information current. You can post whatever contact information you prefer: email, club website, or telephone number.
2. Answering emails/calls they receive from the public. Usually these are questions about events, help with school projects, or questions about something they see in the sky. There aren't usually too many of these, I get a few each month unless there is something like a meteor shower.
3. Sending updates to us every couple of months. We like to put regional updates in our newsletter and we need to get this information from our members around the world.
That's about it - so please, let me know if you are interested. If you only wish to work on ISAN for next year, that is okay too, I just need to know.  
Recognition Awards 

Everyone seemed to really love the pins for ISAN and we'd like to announce some new recognition programs that we are implementing.  Members who qualify for these recognition awards will receive either a pin, button or fabric patch. We'd like for you to submit design ideas and artwork. The submissions should be emailed to dsmith1055@earthlink.net as .jpeg or .gif files and remember that lapel pins are not large, so the design and artwork should be appropriate. As we get submissions, we will post them on the website www.sidewalkastronomers.us .   

Sidewalk Recognition: Based on the number of hours spent on the sidewalk (50, 100, 200, and 500), members can apply and receive recognition pins as each level is reached. Artwork should reflect astronomy, telescopes, sidewalks, and the spirit of public service.

Telescope Building: Awards will be given based on the size and number of Dobsionian telescopes built (later we may include other types of scopes) and artwork should include a dobsonian telescope. There are 5 levels based on total inches of aperture and named for John Dobson's telescopes (don't ask me why he chose those names or what they mean...).

"Tumbleweed" - any size mirror/scope.
"Little One" - any number of scopes with mirrors totaling at least 18" aperture. "Stellatrope" - any number of scopes with mirrors totaling at least 36" aperture. "Delphinium" - any number of scopes with mirrors totaling at least 72" aperture. "John L. Dobson" award - any number of scopes with mirrors totaling at least 100" aperture.
Amateur Astronomer in Cairo Needed.
We need to find amateur astronomers in Cairo because we have a young student who would like to start an astronomy club, he says there are none in Cairo. I have contacted the IYA contact for Egypt, but I haven't had a response yet and the student, Hady Ramez, has tried contacting a local observatory but it isn't open to the public and he can't get in touch with anyone.
I know there was an eclipse in Egypt in the last couple of years and I was hopeful that some of you might have been there and met some amateur astronomers.
We appreciate your help or any suggestions you might have.
Email List
I am sending this email out to everyone who signed up for both ISAN and general astronomy lists, this will be the last one sent to the ISAN list until we get ready to start working on next year's event. If you wish to continue getting general Sidewalk Astronomers emails, please be sure you are signed up on that list.

Contact Information
phone: 818-599-4134  email: dsmith1055@earthlink.net