Sidewalk Astronomy Night
Last Minute News
A couple weeks ago we moved the website and I also had a bad link in one of the emails, so be sure you are checking the right site - www.sidewalkastronomynight.com. That's where the results map and guest book are located.
At this point, please don't send me announcements, use the guest book or blog on the website. If you don't have an announcement, check those areas to see what's been posted.
Bad Weather 
I know it will be cool if we are all out the same night, but the real objective is to reach new members of the public, so if this has to become "sidewalk astronomy week" then that will work too. Just go out when it gets clear, but GO OUT!
Video / Pictures 
Please send videos and photos to AstroShorts in the following format:

Videos should be uploaded to AstroShorts.com along with contact name info and description of location.  All Sidewalk Astronomy video should have "ISAN(City Name)" in the title.

Photos can be emailed to:  contact@starlightlearning.com .  Again, please include contact name info and description of location.  Subject line should have "ISAN(City Name".  Please no email files over 1MB.  If we need the full resolution we'll email the respondent with alternate instructions.

They will edit and post them and I know they will be able to do it faster than I can.
Article Headline

Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University is making available its Sky Calendar and evening sky map for May 2007 for free reprinting and distribution by any individuals or groups who plan to host public observing sessions on International Sidewalk Astronomy Night, Saturday, May 19. These items may be downloaded at the following URL's:



The Sky Calendar and evening sky map may be conveniently reprinted on two sides of 8-1/2 by 11-inch paper. The May calendar includes illustrations of the Moon passing four naked-eye planets and five bright zodiacal stars during the last two weeks of May, including the spectacular Moon-Venus pairing on Saturday, May 19, and ending with the pairing of Jupiter with the Full Moon on May 31.

The May all-sky map is designed for stargazers just beginning to find their way around the sky.

Normally, the Sky Calendar is available on the web only once each year, for the month which includes Astronomy Day.

Since we found out about the first International Sidewalk Astronomy Night, we are also making this month's issue available to any groups which would like to use it.

For anyone who would like to receive printed copies of future issues of the Sky Calendar, subscription information is included on the May issue. Calendars are mailed four times per year, three issues per mailing.

Best wishes for clear skies on May 19.


Robert Victor

formerly Staff Astronomer,

Abrams Planetarium

The members of the Sociedad AstronĂ³mica de Aguascalientes
(Aguascalientes Astronomical Society), in Mexico, 
send fraternal greetings to all the participants of the
1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night 19/May/2007
May we all, in each city, share together the beauty of the Universe.

Congratulations to you all, especially to your organizers
More about the buttons... 
I don't think everyone understood - I have no more buttons. I've ordered more and they will arrive in a couple of weeks. Please, please don't send an email request, just send me a self-addressed envelope with the number of buttons wanted and I'll send them when they arrive.
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