Final Update
We have sent out all the buttons we have. If you didn't get one, I will be happy to send them out when the second order arrives. I don't want to get overwhelmed with emails requesting buttons like last time so I am going to ask you to instead of emailing, to send me an a self-addressed envelope. Please mark on the corner of the envelope the number of buttons. Send your envelopes to:
Donna Smith
921 West Olive Avenue
Burbank, California 91506
I apologize if you were one of the first to request buttons and didn't get them. I even forgot to keep one for myself! 
Sky & Telescope
ISAN was the lead story on SkyTonight.com yesterday and will be again later in the week. http://skytonight.com/news/International_Sidewalk_Astronomy_Night.html
They have a downloadable four-page brochure that would be a perfect giveaway. It was designed for Astronomy Day, so the star chart is plotted for mid-April (but close enough) and although it's an S&T product, it doesn't really peddle anything and is actually pretty informative. it's available as two free PDFs:
8½-by-11 version that prints as four individual pages:
http://media.skytonight.com/documents/LetsGoStargazing2007.pdf 11-by-17 version that can be used to create a single folded sheet:http://media.skytonight.com/documents/LetsGoStargazing2007_11x17.pdf


Global Unity and Social Responsibility
When we have people at the eyepiece on May 19th, we have a unique opportunity to remind people that we are all here on this one small planet, we need to take care of it and of each other. The amateur astronomy community is somewhat unique in that we have embraced technology and the Internet has united us. I continuously get responses from people amazed that we are doing something that transcends national, cultural, and social boundaries. We can encourage all of those who look through our scopes to become part of a global community and to think beyond their own small communities.
John Dobson says 'we were born into this universe", true, but we LIVE on Earth and it's up to us to protect it and make it into the world in which we want to live.
ISAN Results on Website
After the event, please go to the website www.sidewalkastronomynight.com and go to the Results page. Click on the globe and a map will come up where you can pin your location and fill in a form with information about the event. Please only use English to fill in the form if at all possible. You can use a free online translator and that should work well enough. This way, I can compile the results without getting hundreds of emails. Please make sure only one member of your organization posts the information.  The information we'd like to get is:
Individual/Club name
Number of amateurs
Number and types of scopes
approximate ages of amateurs
how long you stayed out
approximate number of public
public comments/your impressions  
There will also be a guestbook on that page for members of the public and individual amateurs to post comments.
If you take video Saturday night, please upload it to the website http://www.astroshorts.com/ . It would be a good idea to title your video ISANrome, ISANnewdehli, etc., so that they can edit them together for us.   
Help - Did I forget something?
If there is something you think we need to do that I have forgotten, please let me know. I probably won't be posting anymore participants after today, but I am pretty sure we reached our goal of 1000 scopes. Most of the listings are clubs that will have several scopes out and we have about 300, so I think we made it! I can only imagine how many people we will be reaching this Saturday night.
I hope that all of you will continue to do sidewalk observing and that we can work together on future projects - I have lots of ideas and I'd like to hear yours.  
Again - THANK YOU !!
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