ISAN Update
Below is a recipient list of the buttons I mailed. I apologize, I am so disorganized and have emails on every computer I own - I just never expected this amount of response. If I missed you (all the current sidewalk astronomers - your addresses are in a different database), please send a message with "buttons" in the subject line. Thank you so much for your patience.
When you get your buttons, please make sure to check the envelope to see what the postage was. The buttons themselves were only about USD $.35 each and the postage was just a few dollars for each package, but it does add up and we would appreciate if you would go to our website and make a small donation to help offset these costs.

Alan Claghorn, Alfredo Martins, Allen Ball, Amando Lee, Antoineta Garcia, Bill Kocken,

Bobbie Collins, Brian Norton, Charlie Nielsen, Colleen Ohare, Craig Kendall, Dayong Rey,

Dinesh Nisang, Don Freeman, Don Hembry, Enoc and Mary, FR Sarker, Frank Lock,

Gerry Gardner, Greg Baggs, Howe Chen, Jinbo Zhang, John Miller, John Oneal,

Khagol Mandal President, Kiss Guula, Lacy Thomas, Lianphong Wang, Manoj Pai,

Marc Stowbridge, Marcelo De Oliveira Souza, Milan Stojanovic, Omsk Planetarium,

Oscar Saa, Oscar Sifuentes, Pable Figueroa, Pat Peak, Patty Mayer, Rebecca Follete, Robert Silva,

Syliva Rios, Tallahassee AS, Teresa Hudson, Todd Parisien, Yang, Jiuken, Zhao Zheng

It has been suggested we take video of the event and compile it for a DVD afterwards. We've also had an offer from AstroShorts to edit and play it on their new website. I'll leave this up to you guys, we can do either but it's obviously less expensive if we send them clips and they compile/edit it, I just want to put it to you in case there are film makers among you who have different ideas.
Regional Contacts and ISAN Organization
Lots of you have offered to be regional contacts and have asked what that involves - I don't know. Initially, I asked for regional contacts because I needed help translating all the emails I was getting in foreign languages, but since this will be a yearly event, regional contacts would obviously make sense. I think afterwards, when we have this first experience behind us, we'll be able to have a better idea of what will be expected of regional contacts. I look forward to working with all the regional contacts to make ISAN 2008 outrageously successful - I am thinking that our goal for next year should be at least 10,000 telescopes.
Please send your updates after the event to a regional contact in your area if there is one. They can translate, compile, sort all the information and then forward it on to me.
If I haven't made it clear to all of you yet, ISAN was started with very little organization. The idea came from Sao Paulo, Katy and I decided in January to move forward, and in February I started with emails and she posted in on My Space. The extent of the planning was to ask people to take scopes out on the same night - nothing more. The website, buttons, email list, etc were added as I needed them or got a suggestion. We need suggestions, if you have ideas that can help with next year, please send them to us. Check the website for the listings in Australia and you'll see that a rock band is going to have scopes set up outside the venue when they perform on the 19th. This is a great idea.
Thank You ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
As we get down to the final days before the event, I want to be sure to thank several people.
Katy Haughland for being instrumental from the beginning.
Bob Alborzian and Betty and Hiro Wakamatsu sorted through over 600 pages of emails to get the buttons packaged. It was an awful task and without them, I would never have made it to the post this month or probably even next month.
Hao Zhou and Dongni Chen - without them China would have been impossible.
Manoj Pai and the guys from KHAGOL MANDAL have done a fantastic job in India and beyond.
Chris Headford, sidewalkastronomers.us websmaster for being patient with me and doing things immediately.
Le Duong Kligge did the artwork for the buttons and  listened to me talk endlessly about this event .....
Oscar Saa, for being the first one to join. I got his response almost immediately and I was worried no one would respond, so that was a big one.
John, of course, for starting all of this years ago and inspiring all of us.
But mostly, YOU! You guys are the ones doing this. Tony with a scope in Sao Paulo, Katy with one in St. Paul, and me with one in Burbank wouldn't have been much.
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