Sidewalk Astronomy Night Update
April 25
Not Much Time Left - We Need More Amateurs
May 19th is not far away and we still have time to get more amateurs out with their scopes. Please contact any clubs or individuals that you know. We only have about 3 weeks left, but we signed up over 70 clubs in the first three weeks, so we can end up with over 200.
ISAN Buttons
I haven't received the buttons yet but I expect them by the end of the week. if you haven't sent your postal address to me along with your request for buttons, please do so now. Make sure to write "buttons" in the subject line.
Email Response
If you sent an email announcing your participation in ISAN and haven't received a response, it is because the number of emails I get makes it difficult to answer each, but it should get posted in a couple of days. If it doesn't, please send me the email again. I appreciate your patience and I try to post them as soon as I get them, but work gets in the way sometimes.
I've also received some posters and flyers that some of you have made. I tried to post them, but some were in the body of the email or were attachments that I couldn't cut/paste. The web template I use isn't very flexible and my ability is very limited, so that is why they aren't posted.
Regional Contacts
You have probably noticed regional contacts listed on the website, we need more. If you are willing to be a regional contact, please let me know. If you are interested in helping one of the regional contacts listed, please contact them.
If you have a question / comment and are in one of the areas where we have a regional contact, please contact them instead of me. And please contact them after the event with your updates. Remember we want to know how many amateurs were out, how many/what kind of scopes, locations, how many of the public came by, responses, etc.

Think Ahead.
I was speaking to John Dobson last week about a problem we've encountered in China. Many, many young students want to take part but they don't have telescopes. It's very frustrating because they are so enthusiastic, and he told me to tell them it was okay, "we're going to do this again next year" was his response and it made me start to think about how we can improve this event next year and make it easier. So, keep that in mind while organizing this year's event and make sure to share your suggestions with the rest of us.  
There is probably more that I wnated to ask/tell, but I can't remember now. If you have questions, please post them on the blog. I think I made it so that you don't have to sign up to post a comments, but I'm not sure.
Quick Links...
I really want to thank all of you for your help and support. This idea has grown and if not for your enthusiasm, I think I would have been completely overwhelmed. Donna