Sidewalk Astronomy Night Update

April 9

Wow! We now have over 100 participants for the 1st International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. It has been 6 weeks since the first emails conterning ISAN were sent and I can hardly believe how much response we are getting.
One thing that I have noticed, while we have just over 100 participants listed, the email list has over 300 registered. I did add some Sidewalk Astronomers from our club contact list but it still means that at least 150 people have signed up to get email updates but haven't contacted us about their participation. If you are one of those, please let us know if you plan on going out.  
We're still short of clubs in Europe ( Spain, France, Belgium, and the Scandinavian  countries) as well as Japan. If you know amateurs in those countries, please contact them about ISAN.
A couple of you have posted tips on the blog and that is great. For those of us who regularly take a scope out on the sidewalk, we forget how intimidating the first time can be, please post ideas and advice for those new to sidewalk astronomy.
"Official Observer" Button
This is the design that was chosen by the Board of Directors for buttons for ISAN. I have ordered the buttons and hope to have them by the end of the month so that they can be mailed and received before May 19th (at least in some countries).
I have ordered 1000. In order for you or your club to receive buttons, you must send an email to sidewalkastronomynight@earthlink.net with the following information:
1. postal address
2. Names of astronomers requesting buttons. Since we have a limited number, please be selective and only request buttons for members you are sure will be participating.
3. All requests must be received by April 30th so that they can be mailed as soon as I receive the buttons.
I will try to mail them with the fastest postage, depending on the costs. There is no charge for the buttons, but we would appreciate any donations. If necessary, we may print more after the event ( I so hope that we have several thousand people out on the sidewalk that night!). Since we have only 1000 to start, I will try to fill all request but also make sure that all clubs get some.
Dear fellow Sidewalk Astronomers,


We from the Sao Paulo Astronomy Club first took our scopes to the street six years ago, and we've dreamed of participating in such a big event like ISAN ever since. Now our dream will finally come true.

There are 97 of us so far, but we still have time to invite even more clubs to this global star party. In addition, let's call the press to cover our event because it is really newsworthy. We all do a great job communicating Astronomy with the public by giving people a chance to take a peek at another part of their own homes. We are excellent hosts, so let's try to have as many guests as possible at our big party.




Antonio Carlos da Silva


Sao Paulo Astronomy Club

(Sao Paulo AC came up with the original idea for ISAN - ds)
Chinese Contact 

Zhou Hao zhoouhaoo@hotmail.com is the Chinese contact for International Sidewalk Astronomy Night. Any amateurs or clubs that wish to participate should contact him and let him know their locations. Also, if you wish to order pins for your club in China, please let Hao know. I am really grateful that he is taking this responsibility, I have been really confused with all the emails from China. 

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Contact Information
North America/Europe/Austraila/Africa
Donna Smith  sidewalkastronomynight@earthlink.net  phone: 818-599-4134

Zhou Hao zhoouhaoo@hotmail.com

South America
Tony Carlos da Silva antoniocds@gmail.com