International Sidewalk Astronomy Night
Update March 27
Thank You for Participating 
Every day, more clubs and individual amateurs email to say they are going to hold public observations on May 19th and I want to thank each of you. At first, John Dobson wasn't so enthusiastic about Sidewalk Astronomy Night because he doesn't want you to do it only one night a year (JD would go out EVERY night if only the Moon and planets would cooperate!), but since learning how many of you are joining in, and how excited many of you are, he has become more supportive of the idea. It is so important to him that amateurs take scopes out to the public and I know it means a lot to him that so many of you will be doing this. He is really quite surpised and happy about it, so thank you again.  
If you haven't checked the blog on the website, please do so. It is a great way for you to share information with each other. Many of those taking part in this event have never held sidewalk observations before and would benefit from more experienced sidewalk astronomers past experiences so please feel free to post any suggestions or tips. I have just added a post that is titled "Suggestions/Tips for Sidewalk Observing".
Since International Sidewalk Astronomy Night is going to be a yearly event, it would be a good idea if everyone would keep track of how they organized thier local event and what was successful and what could be improved.
I think most of you received the email that said we wanted to print some kind of commemorative newsletter after the event and wanted to know the number of telescopes as well as a rough count of the number of people looking through those scopes. It has also been suggested by the editor of a popular astronomy magazine that you record some of the comments of the public. If you think of other information it would be good to record, please let me know.
Outline of the information we'd like to note.
1. Individual or club name and city 
2. Sky conditions
3. locations ( City Centre Park, Corner of Oak/Third)
4. number and types of telescopes
5. estimated number of people/public looking throught the scopes
6. how you organized the event
7. Reactions of the public - maybe percentage of those observing for the first time.
8. suggestions for next year 
9. Photos
International Year of Astronomy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
International Sidewalk Astronomy Night wasn't concieved or started because of the International Year of Astronomy, but it has quickly become apparent that it will be a great foundation for the events in 2009. 2009 will be our 3rd ISAN, so it should be an important part of IYA, once of the reasons it is vital that we communicate and make sure to share information about what works and what doesn't.
If you are not involved with International Year of Astronomy, please visit thier website for information about  your national contact. http://www.iau.org/  
Contact Information
Donna Smith  sidewalkastronomynight@earthlink.net  phone: 818-599-4134