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We're off and running towards summer, the weather has been great, but I'm still afraid of another final visit from "Old Man Winter".  I sure hope that it doesn't happen as I'm mentally into "Spring/Summer" mode for sure.

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Spring Has Really Sprung, So Has The Allergy Season.....
HeaderEvery year about this time, the weather starts getting better, and the pollen count gets ready to go up!   This is sort of a double whammy for us.  We're coming out of the driest period of the year which makes dry eye worse and and can reduce contact lens comfort.  As the humidity goes up and the allergy season kicks in, we trade one challenge to comfortable eyes and contact lens wear for another.

There are several things that can be done about ocular allergies though.  From topical lubricant drops to reduce the level of allergen on the eye to topical allergy medications to oral allergy medications, most patients can have comfortable eyes, with or without contact lenses.  For contact lens patients its important to manage allergies through the entire allergy season and insure that lenses are kept clean.  Proper lens hygiene is critical when it comes to keeping lenses clean.

Even if your solution bottle says "No Rub" or "No Rubbing Needed" spend the 5 seconds per eye that it takes to give your lenses a quick rub on each side before storing them overnight.  We only recommend two contact lens solutions, "BioTrue" by Bausch and Lomb and "Pure Moist" by Alcon.  These two single bottle lens care systems are easy to use and keep lenses clean and ready to wear.  Generic solutions may contain alternate disinfectants or preservatives which are more prone to make allergies worse.

Another way to insure that your lenses are clean every time you put them in are "Daily Disposable" lenses which are worn once and thrown away.  The 
SofLens Daily Disposable by Bausch and Lomb is one such lens that we're finding ourselves and our patients using more and more.  The aspheric optics and lens material maximize both lens hygiene and comfort as well as vision.

Bausch and Lomb has some great rebates on the SofLens Daily Disposable lenses right now.  If you want to learn more about these lenses and your vision correction options. schedule a no charge contact lens consultation by calling the office at (262) 752-2020 or request an appointment by following this link.
Protecting Your Eyes And Improving Your Vision, And Looking Good Doing It Too!

As the weather gets better and the days get longer, we spend more and


more time outdoors working and playing.   Diseases such as Cataracts and Macular Degeneration have been shown to be linked to UV light exposure.  For that reason, any time that you're going to be outdoors for more than half an hour or so, you should be wearing UV absorbing lenses.   Many of the prescription lenses that we dispense to our patients already block UV light.  Most contact lenses don't however.  In order to insure adequate protection from UV light, quality sunglasses should be worn.

Not only will you protect yourself from UV light, you'll see better with a polarized lens due to the way that they cut through glare without dulling the image like non-polarized lenses do.  And you'll look cool too!

We can put polarized lenses (prescription and non-prescription) in just about any frame in our dispensary as well as the costa Del Mar sunglasses that we carry.  There's no better use for your old frames than to make them into a great pair of high quality, UV absorbing sunglasses!.




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John Warren, OD