American Mountain Guides Association
September 2012
Salutations from Boulder,

Summer is coming to an end... finally (thought we were going to melt here in 'Smoulder').  Included in this issue are: venues for Annual Meeting, High Altitude Study info, member profile, Program Application deadlines/tuitions, and more!
AMGA 2012 Annual Meeting
OCTOBER 20-22, 2012 
Red Rock Canyon NCA
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You've heard the saying:
"Tell 'em, tell 'em, tell e'm."




Registration is required.
(click above or visit our blog)

Some nights are full, contact us ASAP!

Sign up when you register for the Meeting or call/email Caroline.
There are only 4 spots left!!!!!!

Professional Development Clinics
Check out the schedule and plan your weekend.  Spots can be limited, so be sure to show up early.




Please see the blog for full schedule of all events.  Maps/directions/etc. will be posted by the end of the week.  The evening events are as follows: 



Oct. 20 (Saturday)  


Where: Red Rock Climbing Center

When: 6pm - 9pm

What: FREE food and beer... woo hoo!

*Sponsored by GORE-TEX® with Marmot* 


Oct. 21 (Sunday)    


Where: Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center

When: 7pm - 10:30pm

What:  Awards ceremony, silent auction, door prizes, slide show, corporate partner booths, FREE food and BEER...  woooo hoooo!

*Sponsored by GORE-TEX®* 


Oct. 22 (Monday)  


Where: Big Dog Brewing 

When: 5pm - 8pm 

What: Join the folks from Arc'teryx immediately after the meeting for some fun and FREE adult beverages! 

*Sponsored by Arc'teryx* 


Can't wait to see you all in a just a few weeks!

This event would not be possible without our Corporate Sponsors.  A huge thanks to all of them! 

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Feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone with any questions you may have regarding the meeting.

Contact:  Caroline  /  303.271.0984  x2#  /  e-mail

Participants Needed for Altitude Study: Duke University Med. Center
We could have almost put this one under job opportunities. 

This is a great opportunity to be a part of a study that could be of great benefit to folks in the guiding industry.  Please click the link below to learn more about the high altitude study.  Not only is it pretty cool, but it pays too!
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Don't forget to like 'American Mountain Guides Association' on facebook!  Where we here in the office wish we were outside all the time gettin' after it,  we're actually in the office updating FB!  So check it out!

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Advocacy Update: Membership Profile

By: Scott Massey


Member Profile: Melissa Alcorn  

Sept enews member profile pic  


This month I wanted to begin something new for our monthly eNews. While the guiding community is relatively small, especially for full-time guides and folks taking AMGA programs, we have a fairly large membership that I, for one, know very little about, so I am attempting to resolve that. Where possible, I would like to highlight AMGA members and certified guides that have gotten involved with climbing or guiding access issues, and feature those stories, in particular. It also is quite fascinating to learn about other facets of our membership, in addition to their passion for guiding.


This month we are featuring Melissa Alcorn. I met Melissa a little while ago, when she was in Colorado as a host climber for the American Alpine Club's exchange week with women of the Iranian Alpine Club. After chatting for a while, she graciously agreed to be my proverbial guinea pig. Thank you, Melissa, for the interview. Click here for the interview.


I am always looking for folks that have interesting stories, so I would love to hear from our membership. Feel free to submit thoughts, stories, or requests for sponsorship to




Thanks to everyone who has submitted photos thusfar.  We are having a final creative meeting here on September 18, and we need more photos before then! 

You have until this Friday, Sept. 15, to get us the goods.  We want it all, from Katahdin to Rainier, and everything in between.  We're looking for anything that represents guiding in the United States.  Pictures can be of landscapes, climbing routes, clients, etc.  We welcome fun photos too (so don't take yourselves too seriously...). 

Thanks in advance to all who participate! 

Click here for submission details.

For questions or suggestions, please contact Caroline McNally, AMGA Membership Director (phone: 303.271.0984  x2#).

Ski and Ice Program Application Deadline: FRIDAY, SEPT. 15
You only have 5 days to complete your applications for 2013 Ski and Ice Prgrams!

Make sure your application is COMPLETE, meaning it includes the following:

- CPR/First Aid/WFR (depending on the course)
- AMGA health statement
- Appropriate Avy Cert if applicable
- Complete resume (complete doesn't mean 50%)

Applications Deadlines for 2013 AMGA Programs:

Deadline: September 15, 2012
I3:IIC:12 -                   Ouray, CO -             12/19-23/12
I1:IIC:13 -                   North Conway, NH -     2/4-8/13

S1:SGC:13 -              Jackson, WY -         1/7-18/13
S2:SGC:13 -              SLC, UT -             1/21-2/1-13
S3:SGC:13 -              Cascades, WA -         2/5-16/13
S4:SGC:13 -              Aspen, CO -             3/11-22/13
S6:SMGC/AE:13 -     BC, Canada -         3/22-31/13
S7:SMGE:13 -           BC, Canada -         4/7-14/13
S8:SMGE:13 -           Valdez, AK -             4/15-24/13

Deadline: November 1, 2012
I2:IIC:13 -                 Canmore, Canada -     3/18-22/13
R1:RIC:13 -              Joshua Tree, CA -     3/12-21/13
R2:RIE:13 -              Joshua Tree, CA -     3/23-28/13
R3:RGE:13 -            Red Rocks, NV -         4/1-6/13
R4:RGC/AE:13 -      Red Rocks, NV -         4/8-17/13
R5:RIC:13 -              Smith Rock, OR -     4/23-5/2/13
R6:RIC:13 -              Boulder, CO -         5/14-23/13
R7:RIE:13 -              Boulder, CO -         6/10-15/13

A1:AGC:13 -             Boulder, CO -         5/28-6/6/13
A2:AGC:13 -             Jackson, WY -         6/11-20/13

Deadline: February 1, 2013
R8:RIC:13 -              North Conway, NH  -     7/16-25/13
R9:RIE:13 -              North Conway, NH -     8/19-23/13

Deadline: March 1, 2013
A5:AAGC/AE:13 -     Cascades, WA -         9/4-15/13
A6:AGE:13 -              Cascades, WA -         9/17-26/13

R10:RIC:13 -             North Conway, NH -     9/4-13/13
R11:RGC/AE:13 -     Red Rocks, NV -         10/1-10/13
R12:RGE:13 -           Red Rocks, NV -         10/1-6/13
R13:RGC/AE:13 -     Red Rocks, NV -         10/8-17/13
R14:RGE:13 -           Red Rocks, NV -         10/12-17/13
R15:RIC:13 -            Joshua Tree, CA -     10/29-11/7/13
R16:RIC:13 -            Smith Rock, OR -     11/5-14/13
R17:RIE:13 -            Joshua Tree, CA -     11/9-14/13

Click here for course tuition costs.

Please contact Henry Beyer via email or phone (303.271.0984 x3#) with questions.

IFMGA Course: Trekking and Expeditions

If you are a part of any expeditions that venture in high altitudes, this course if for you!  What a great excuse to make a trip over to France, and if you happen to already be there, don't miss out!


Course dates: November 15-16, 2012

Course application deadline: October, 10, 2012

Cost: EUR 80 




Day 1:

09.00               Meeting at ENSA in Chamonix, check in and welcome

10.00               Starting the lectures: Introduction, Guidelines

12.30               Lunch

14.00 - 18.00   Course



Day 2:

08.30- 12.00   Course

12.30               Lunch

14.00 - 16.00   Course

16.00               Feedback and end of course



Help Wanted
helpwantedIn an attempt to better serve our membership, we will be offering space in the monthly e-Newsletter to share job opportunities. This benefit is available to any current AMGA Accredited Program, certified guide or Corporate Partner.  Postings must be submitted to  between the 1st and the 5th of every month in order to make the monthly e-Newsletter. Any postings submitted outside this time-frame will be deleted. Postings must be 200 words or less and will be reviewed and accepted or denied by the AMGA office staff. Please email with any questions.


Irwin - Full Time Ski Guide

Contact: Billy Rankin, Snow Safety Director via e-mail or 970.275.275


Irwin, a snow cat skiing operation based out of Crested Butte CO, is seeking a full time ski guide for the 2012 - 2013 winter season.  Applicants will need to be available from November 15th 2012 to at least mid-April 2013 and can expect to guide four to five days a week.  Responsibilities will include ski guiding, avalanche mitigation work, documenting weather, snowpack, and avalanche observations to a professional standard.   Applicants need to be expert skiers in all conditions with extensive backcountry skiing experience, preferably in a continental snow pack.   Minimum requirements include; Level-2 avalanche course completion (Level 3 preferred), Wilderness First Responder, and Five years of professional decision-making experience in avalanche terrain.  Having mechanized or backcountry ski guiding, ski patrol, and explosives experience is necessary and snowmobile experience is helpful.  Looking for applicants who have completed an AMGA ski guide course and are on the path of IFMGA certification as International guiding opportunities could arise.  There is a daily commute of ten miles each way by snowmobile.   


Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and references to Billy via email.    


Irwin - Snow Safety/Ski Guide Intern

Contact: Billy Rankin, Snow Safety Director via e-mail or 970.275.275


Irwin, a snow cat skiing operation based out of Crested Butte CO, is seeking a snow safety / ski guide intern for the 2012 - 2013 winter season.  Applicants will need to be available from November 15th 2012 to at least mid-April 2013.  Interns will assist in all aspects of snow cat ski operations. Responsibilities will include ski guiding, avalanche mitigation work, documenting weather, snowpack, and avalanche observations to a professional standard. Random non-ski related tasks for overall operations should be expected.  Applicants should be expert skiers with extensive backcountry skiing experience, preferably in a continental snow pack.   Level-2 avalanche course completion, Wilderness First Responder, and two years of professional decision-making experience in avalanche terrain are all required.  Mechanized or Backcountry ski guiding, ski patrol, explosives experience, snowmobile driving and / or completion of an AMGA ski guides course is preferred.  Lodging is provided in the town of Crested Butte if needed.  Expect longs days, big rewards and an incredible guiding opportunity with a handful of menial tasks.     


Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and references to Billy via email.  



Jackson Hole Mountain Guides Expands Guest Guide Opportunities CONTACT:  Rob Hess, Chief Guide 

Jackson Hole Mountain Guides
In early September, 2011, I notified AMGA certified rock guides of the opportunity to guest guide under JHMG's permits in Moab/ Indian Creek, the Red Rock, Cody and Boulder, Colorado. I am pleased to announce a further expansion of our guest guide program to include the world class City of Rocks outside of Almo, Idaho.
This opportunity is available only to AMGA certified guides and IFMGA-level guides. Guides wishing to climb under JHMG's guest guide program should submit a letter of interest along with a climbing resume, copy of current first aid and CPR cards, and a copy of the guide's AMGA certification card to Rob Hess at the email address shown above.
An Idaho guide's license is required and JHMG is now in position to expedite the process of acquiring a license for AMGA certified guides through Idaho Outfitter and Guides Association. Guides whose applications have been approved will receive a written acknowledgement and additional information about the program



Exum Mountain Guides - Guest Guide Opportunities  

The AMGA is excited to announce that we will be working with Exum Mountain Guides this summer to offer you the opportunity to work as a guest guide in Grand Teton National Park!


The Tetons provide some of the most accessible and diverse climbing in the North America. One of its premier climbs is, naturally, the Grand Teton (13,770 ft), a remarkable ascent via many outstanding routes that all providing an exhilarating day in the mountains. While the Grand Teton is the most famous peak in the region, the range also offers dozens of other climbs that are both famous and challenging, all in a beautiful and dramatic landscape. 


The AMGA is proud to work with Exum Mountain Guides in this capacity, and Exum is proud to offer AMGA guides this opportunity. To apply to be a guest guide at Exum you must be an AMGA Certified Alpine Guide.  Click Here to find out how to apply. 

 American Mountain Guides Association

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