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Happy new year from the AMGA office!  Winter is here and I hope at least a few of you are getting snow.  Other than the San Juans, Colorado is definitely lacking.  Perhaps you folks in the northwest could share some of the moisture you're so fond of.  We're gearing up for the fast-approaching OR Show in Salt Lake but wanted to update you on a few things before we go.
Fall Mountain Bulletin Corrections
A few mistakes in the most recent Mountain Bulletin have been brought to our attention and we felt we should set the record straight sooner rather than later.

Most notably was our failure to mention the Goldsmith Family in the page 10 article about the new Doug Parker/Roger Baxter-Jones Memorial Scholarship.  The Goldsmith's along with the Parker, Sage and Bostwick families raised the money to establish the scholarship in honor of Doug and Roger.

A typo in the page 12 Program Schedule has been brought to our attention - R1-10 in Joshua Tree is listed as a Rock Guide Course; it is, however a Rock Instructor Course.

Finally, we neglected to mention a few of our Contributors on page 19 -
     Diamond Partner - A.C. Bostwick Foundation

     Supporting Partners - Graham Goldsmith, Larry Parker,
                                      Michael Parker
2010 Program Schedule
Ski Discipline:
S1: SGC - Jackson, WY                        January 10-21
S2: SGC - Cascades, WA                       Feb 9-20                
S3: SGC - SLC, UT                               March 17-28           
S4: SMGC/AE - Canada                        March 29-April 7 
S5: SMGE - Canada March 29-April 5    CANCELED          
S6: SMGC/AE - Valdez, AK                   April 19-28          
S7: SMGE - Valdez, AK                         April19-26            
S8: SGC - Jackson, WY                        December 11-22
AE Re-exam - Aspen, CO                     TBD
Rock Discipline:
R1: RIC - J Tree, CA                           March 17-26             
R2: RIE - J Tree, CA                            March 29-April 3       
R3: RGE - Red Rock, NV                      April 5-10            
R4: ARGC/AE - Red Rock, NV              April 12-21       
R5: RIC - Smith Rock, OR                    April 20-29           
R6: RGC - Boulder, CO                        May 10-19     
R7: RIE - Boulder, CO                         June 14-19
R8: RIE - N. Conway, NH                     August 29-September 3        
R9: ARGC/AE - Boulder, CO                 September 6-15      
R10: RIC - N. Conway, NH                   September 7-16      
R11: RIC - North Carolina                   October 4-13
R12: RGE -  Red Rock, NV                   October 6-11          
R13: RGC/AE - Red Rock, NV              October 13-22      
R14: RGE - Red Rock, NV                    October 13-18         
R15: RIC - N. Conway, NH                   July 19-28   
AE Re-exam - July 1-3 Red Rocks; September 2-4 Boulder;     
                     September 21-23 Red Rocks

Alpine discipline:
A1: AGC - RMNP, CO                            June 2-11      
A2: AGC - Jackson, Wy                        June 14-23
A3: AAGC/AE - Cascades, WA               August 2-13   
A4:AGE - Cascades, WA                       August 16-25         
A5: AAGC/AE - Cascades, WA               September 13-24     
A6: AGE - Cascades, WA                      September 13-22              
AE Re-exam - May 27-29 Boulder; September 9-11 Cascades

Ice Climbing Module:
I1:ICTC -- N. Conway, NH                     February 4-8  

Thank You WMTC & Experiential Adventures
We would like to thank Wilderness Medical Training Center and Experiential Adventures for their recent contribution of over $1,000 to the AMGA Course Endowment Fund.  It is though generous donations like these that allow us to grow the quality of our programs and quantity of our scholarships offered to members.
2010 AMGA Scholarships
Scholarship season is winding down.  We are accepting applications for 2010 Scholarships through January 31st, 2010.  Similar to last year, we will have one general application with additional questions for specific scholarships. 

We will be accepting applications through January 31, 2010 via EMAIL.

If you are interested in applying for the various scholarships offered through the AMGA, please keep in mind that you will need to submit all required information by January 31, 2010! 

2010 scholarship information can be found on our website - http://www.amga.com/programs/scholarships.php.
AAI Programs Update

American Avalanche Institute still has a few spots available on the
Level 3 course in Jackson - February 2-7, 2010. 

The course costs $900.
Log onto the website for details and an application: www.americanavalancheinstitute.com/aai/Level_3.php

There are also spots on our level 2 courses.

January 28-31     Jackson, WY
February 22-25    Bozeman, MT
March 4-7            Salt Lake City UT

AIARE Programs Update

There is one space remaining on the 2010 AIARE level 3 programs


January 25 - 31   Level 3 - June Lake, CA (1 space left)
March 1 - 7         Level 3 - Silverton, CO (filled, wait list spaces

For more information go to:

There are also a few spaces left for the upcoming instructor training programs.

Feb 15                Field Instructor Refresher - Park City, UT
                                                                   (4 spaces left)
Feb 16 - 18         L2 ITC - Park City, UT          (6 spaces left)
Feb 16 - 18         L2 ITC - Silverton, CO          (3 spaces left)

For more information go to: 
January AMGA Board of Directors Meeting
The first AMGA Board of Directors Meeting of 2010 will take place Tuesday, January 26th at 9:00am.  The meeting is open to all current AMGA members and will be held at Black Diamonds headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Black Diamond
2084 East 3900 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
Gore Experience More - Time to Vote

Win the adventure of a lifetime.

Thank you for sharing your amazing stories. Now that the Challenge has ended, all experience photos that have received an average user rating of 3 or above will move on to judging.

Experience photos will be judged on the basis of creativity, artistic merit and the ability to convey the concept "experiencing more" outdoors in an inspirational manner. In addition, judges will consider the overall experience that the photo was a part of in order to provide broader context to the decision. Remember, not all experiences are extreme. Experiencing More means something different to everyone.

The finalists will be posted on February 1st. As Experience More Community members, YOU will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite through February 15th. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced on February 17 and given the opportunity to design his/her dream experience.

We know that experiencing more in life goes beyond the thrill of the outdoors. That's why the Grand Prize Winner will also be given $5,000 to donate to a Gore outdoor nonprofit partner of their choice.

See the Experience More Challenge photos

Challenge rules

Product Blowout!
We still have a few items cluttering our shelves.  Below is what is available on a first come, first served basis. 

Marmot Approach Jacket  - XXL only - Black - $20.00 (6 available)
Women's Champ Pants - 42 - Black - $75 (1 available)
Mammut Courmayeur Pants - 24, 50 - Black - $100 (1 in each size available)

Also, we still have a handful of the 2009 Annual Meeting Capelines left in BIG and small sizes.  The men's version is grey and the women's is a amposterlight green.  The image to the right is screened on the back and an AMGA logo on the front.  They are $25 each and we have the following sizes available -

                        Men's S (1 available)
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Please email josh@amga.com if you're interested

Josh Harrod
American Mountain Guides Association