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December 2009
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Introducing Jayden Beyer
2010 Program Schedule
2010 SPI Provider Training
2010 Scholarships
IFMGA Coming to Boulder
Climbers Wanted
Level 3 Avalanche Training
Gore Online Community
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Greetings from the AMGA office.  I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm as winter fast approaches.  It has been a cold few weeks here in Boulder but the good news is the snow is starting to fall up high, Henry (actually his wife) had a baby, and Betsy is working on the perfect smile.  With 2010 fast approaching we thought we would fill you in on the Program Schedule as well as some upcoming SPI Provider Training dates.  There is also yet another reminder of the 2010 Scholarship Program, mention of AAI's Level 3 Avalanche schedule and a whole lot more.
It's a Boy!
jaydenCongratulations to Henry and Laurie!  They welcomed their new son, Jayden into the world on November 30th.  Mom and baby are doing well and Henry seems a bit sleepy.
2010 Program Schedule
Ski Discipline:
S1: SGC - Jackson, WY                        January 10-21
S2: SGC - Cascades, WA                       February 9-20         
S3: SGC - Salt Lake City, UT                 March 17-28          
S4: SMGC/AE - Canada                        March 29-April 7 
S5: SMGE - Canada                              March 29-April 5             
S6: SMGC/AE - Valdez, AK                   April 19-28          
S7: SMGE - Valdez, AK                         April19-26             
S8: SGC - Jackson, WY                        December 11-22
AE Re-exam - Aspen, CO                     TBD

* Please note the Aspen Ski Guide Course scheduled for January has been canceled.  The Jackson Ski Guide Course scheduled for December, 2009 has been moved to January and there are still a few spaces available. *
Rock Discipline:
R1: RGC - J Tree, CA                           March 17-26             
R2: RIE - J Tree, CA                            March 29-April 3       
R3: RGE - Red Rock, NV                      April 5-10            
R4: ARGC/AE - Red Rock, NV              April 12-21       
R5: RIC - Smith Rock, OR                    April 20-29           
R6: RGC - Boulder, CO                        May 10-19     
R7: RIE - Boulder, CO                         June 14-19
R8: RIE - N. Conway, NH                     August 29-September 3        
R9: ARGC/AE - Boulder, CO                 September 6-15      
R10: RIC - N. Conway, NH                   September 7-16      
R11: RIC - North Carolina                   October 4-13
R12: RGE -  Red Rock, NV                   October 6-11          
R13: RGC/AE - Red Rock, NV              October 13-22      
R14: RGE - Red Rock, NV                    October 13-18         
R15: RIC - N. Conway, NH                   July 19-28   
AE Re-exam - July 1-3 Red Rocks; September 2-4 Boulder;     
                     September 21-23 Red Rocks

Alpine discipline:
A1: AGC - RMNP, CO                            June 2-11      
A2: AGC - Jackson, Wy                        June 14-23
A3: AAGC/AE - Cascades, WA               August 2-13   
A4:AGE - Cascades, WA                       August 16-25         
A5: AAGC/AE - Cascades, WA               September 13-24     
A6: AGE - Cascades, WA                      September 13-22              
AE Re-exam - May 27-29 Boulder; September 9-11 Cascades

Ice Climbing Module:
I1:ICTC -- N. Conway, NH                     February 4-8  

2010 Single Pitch Instructor Provider Training
The first Single Pitch Instructor Provider Training of 2010 will be held March 15 and 16 in Joshua Tree National Park. The cost is $250. This training will be limited to six (6) people.
If you have an interest in joining the SPI Provider Pool, go to www.amga.com/programs/SPI.php on the AMGA website to see if you meet the requirements.  As you review these requirements, bear in mind that some of them represent minimum acceptable standards (ex. a carnet with 200 documented days of work in single pitch terrain.) With the limited number of spots available, applications will be closely reviewed and the training will be made up of the strongest candidates.
A letter indicating your interest and other supporting documents should be sent to Ed Crothers, AMGA Climbing Instructor Program Director, no later than February 1st.  Email is the preferred method of delivery; send to ed@amga.com.  Hard copy can be mailed or faxed to the AMGA office.  Mail to:  AMGA, PO Box 1739, Boulder 80306.  The fax number is 303-271-1377.  If you are a Certified SPI, a letter of support from the instructor you worked with on your assessment indicating that you would be a good addition to the SPI Provider Pool would be advantageous.
The next SPI Provider Training will be held June 2 and 3 in Boulder, Colorado.  A third and a fourth training will be held in 2010 with the place and date still to be determined.
2010 AMGA Scholarships
Scholarship season is in full swing.  We are accepting applications for 2010 Scholarships through January 31st, 2010.  Similar to last year, we will have one general application with additional questions for specific scholarships. 

We will be accepting applications through January 31, 2010 via EMAIL.
**The one exception is applications for the Chad VanderHam Memorial Fund Scholarship must be received by January 1, 2010.** 

So, if you are interested in applying for the various scholarships offered through the AMGA, please keep in mind that you will need to submit all required information by January 31, 2010!  2010 scholarship information can be found on our website - http://www.amga.com/programs/scholarships.php.
IFMGA Conference Comes to Boulder in 2010
The AMGA was selected to host the IFMGA 2010 Fall Conference in lovely Boulder, Colorado.  This could very well be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we're planning on making it unforgettable.

We've created a website for the event - http://www.ifmga2010.com/ - and will be continually updating it as things progress.  Please make sure to register if you are planning on attending (there is a registration page on the site) - it's free, we're just hoping to have a good idea of how many people to expect.  The Moab Climbing Trip is for the IFMGA Delegates and Executive Committee - if there is space available after the May 31st, 2010 deadline, we may open it up to the AMGA Membership.

We hope to see you in Boulder next November.
Climbers Wanted - Scottish-American Expedition
TElogoMountaineering Specialists Trekking Encounters based in Scotland and Nepal are currently organizing a Joint Scottish-American Expedition to climb a previously Unclimbed Peak in the spectacular Kangchenjunga area of Nepal. The estimated height is 6800m (not verified until a successful summit has been achieved)
The Expedition is planned for October/November 2010 and will require approximately 34 days.
Climbing Permit is confirmed.
The Unclimbed Peak will be attempted by 5 American Climbers and 5 from Scotland. If successful you will be the first persons ever to summit this mountain.
We are currently looking for suitable American climbers to join our team.
Please also look at www.trekkingencounters.com
If interested please send an e mail to Fraser at info@trekkingencounters.com
Registration Now Open for 2010 AAI Level 3 Avalanche Training

The American Avalanche Institute is running two Level 3 courses this year.  The AAI Level 3 fulfills the avalanche skills and knowledge pre-requisite for AMGA Ski and Alpine programs.
For information on the AAI level 3 program, visit the website: 

Email avalanche.institute@gmail.com or call (307) 733-3315 if you have any questions.
2010 Level 3 winter schedule:
February 2 - 7, 2010 - Jackson, WY
February 23 - 28, 2010 - Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT
2010 course cost: $900
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Product Blowout!
We still have a few items cluttering our shelves.  Below is what is available on a first come, first served basis. 

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Also, we still have a handful of the 2009 Annual Meeting Capelines left in BIG and small sizes.  The men's version is grey and the women's is a amposterlight green.  The image to the right is screened on the back and an AMGA logo on the front.  They are $30 each and we have the following sizes available -

                        Men's S (1 available)
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Josh Harrod
American Mountain Guides Association