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Vol 3, Issue 2April 16, 2011
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In this month's column, "Butterfly Lovers and other Venus-Neptune Tales of Woe", I describe the underlying psychology of this fascinating archetypal pairing.


If you're interested in our Archetypal Cosmology/Conscious Evolution program, be sure to view my recent televised interview at The Graduate Institute. Kara Sundlin and I discuss astrology's application to counseling and psychotherapy. It's not too late to register for our next cohort beginning this May! See "Academy News" for links and information.  


In "Questions & Answers," I delineate a sequence of dispositors in Carl Jung's chart as feedback to a student's assignment.


Finally, be sure to check out "Testimonials" and "Coming Attractions" for news on upcoming lectures, workshops, and trainings, especially the ISAR and OPA reteats later this year.  


Note: All my recorded lectures, workshops, and classes are now available as MP3 files. 

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Butterfly Lovers

And other Venus-Neptune Tales of Woe

Butterfly LoversThe title of my article is inspired by The Butterfly Lovers, a Chinese legend and tragic love story. Zhu, a beautiful and intelligent young woman, earnestly desires an education. Traditions of the time forbid females from going to school, however, so Zhu convinces her father to allow her to attend classes in disguise as a young man. While at school, she develops an unusually close bond with a classmate, Liang, who does not realize that Zhu is a female. They study together for three years and Zhu gradually falls in love with Liang.


One day, Zhu receives a letter from her father, asking her to return home as soon as possible. Zhu has no choice but to pack her belongings and bid Liang farewell. However, in her heart, she has already confessed her love for Liang and is determined to be with him for all eternity. Liang accompanies his "sworn brother" for 18 miles to see her off. During the journey, Zhu hints to Liang that she is actually a woman, but Liang does not catch on and hasn't the slightest suspicion that his companion is a woman in disguise. Zhu finally comes up with an idea and tells Liang that she will act as a matchmaker for him and her "sister". She intends to reveal her true identity to him when he visits her home for the proposed meeting. Liang and Zhu reluctantly part ways.

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The Graduate Institute

Academy of AstroPsychology
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We're On the News!

Last year the Academy became affiliated with The Graduate Institute in Connecticult. Our Masters Degree in Conscious Evolution/Archetypal Cosmology Track is an external degree program involving two stages: the first six courses are a stand-alone Certificate Program with an option to do four additional courses, a mentorship, and a final project (thesis) for the M.A. degree. Both the Certificate and M.A. program involve weekly, online classes in archetypal astrology. For more information, click here.


This week The Graduate Institute was featured on WFSB's "Better Connecticut", a program that highlights individuals and organizations that are making a positive impact on the community.  Host Kara Sundlin describes TGI as a "mecca of internationally known educators and authors from all over the world where participants can study the mysteries of the universe." 


In the following clip, she interviews Dr. Glenn Perry on the Institute's Archetypal Cosmology & Conscious Evolution program.


Glenn Perry Interview


To view the interview, simply click here 


If you would like to register for upcoming classes beginning May 3rd, 2011, please click here


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Moving Forward with
Carl Jung's Dispositors


Carl JungIone of the assignments for the AAP Mentorship Program, I ask the student to interpret a sequence of dispositors in Carl Jung's chart, focusing on the meaning of the sign and house Uranus signifies, the planet it disposits, and the planet that is its dispositor. The student is instructed to tie all these factors together into a few simple paragraphs that create an ongoing story line. I want the student to demonstrate how the three planets are related at a process level without going into specific biographical details of Jung's life.  


The sequence in question pertains to Uranus in Leo in the 7th disposing Saturn in Aquarius in the 1st. Uranus, in turn, is disposed of by the Sun in Leo in the 6th. 


 The following dialogue took place. 


 Student: I'm thinking that if Uranus is projected, this could involve partnerships with brilliant, eccentric scientists or intimate relationships with free spirited lovers (Uranus in 7th), whose unconventional attitudes could liberate Jung's cautious and traditional 1st house persona from self-limits and self-doubts (Saturn in 1st) and, in turn, boost his confidence and self-esteem (Leo). Would this make sense?


 Glenn: Yes, this is plausible. However, Uranus is not likely to have a reverse influence on Saturn, since they are not really in aspect (orb is too wide). As a planetary action, the influence of Uranus is limited to its sign and house and aspects. The process of Uranus does not flow backwards to Saturn.

 Student: I'm not sure if I understood your statement on page 126 of our text, which reads: "Every disposited planet stimulates and relies upon its dispositor to help it achieve its aims." Since Saturn is disposited by Uranus, I thought that my sentence above made sense?  If not, what exactly do you mean by "rely upon its dispositor" to achieve its aims?


 Glenn: Saturn in Aquarius is going to do its thing, which, in turn, stimulates Uranus, but the movement is always going forward, not backward. We might say, "Uranus is predisposed to help Saturn." Saturn looks to Uranus to see what happens as a consequence of being the founder and chief authority (Saturn in 1st) of a radical new perspective (Aquarius). To use a football metaphor, Uranus takes the hand-off from Saturn and moves forward with the ball. However, your statement implies that Uranus is going to influence Saturn - "[Uranus] could liberate Jung's cautious and traditional 1st house persona from self-limits and self-doubts (Saturn)." This would be possible if Uranus was aspecting Saturn, but it's not. So, your statement needs to show a movement from Saturn to Uranus but not back again. Uranus, in turn, functions as the back story for the Sun in Leo in the 6th.


Tying all this together, you could say: 


"I initiate and organize (Saturn in 1st) a movement (Aquarius) that leads to a radical new way of approaching relationships (Uranus in 7th). A holistic perspective (Uranus) toward relationships (7th) can potentially liberate people from egocentric attitudes (Leo) that limit their awareness and create disharmony. The revelations (Uranus) that I experience in my relationships (7th) stimulate my confidence and self-esteem (Leo), which enables me to express (Sun) these insights creatively (Leo) in my efforts to help people solve problems (6th) that impede expression of their authentic self (Sun Leo)." 


Although the above could be fleshed out with details (content) that illustrate the outcome of the process just described, for the purposes of this exercise it's not necessary. What's important to see is how the above description captures the flow from Saturn to Uranus to the Sun. Note that Uranus is not going back and influencing Saturn; rather, its focus and purpose derives from Saturn. That Jung was the founder (1st) of a system (Saturn) that promotes change (Aquarius) has a consequence, and this consequence is Uranus in the 7th. 


Saturn is relying upon Uranus to fulfill its aim of organizing a movement that stimulates progress in the 7th house. Ostensibly, this could result in shocking new revelations pertaining to human relationships. In other words, Saturn in Aquarius set in motion a process that leads to Uranus in Leo in the 7th. The consequence of Uranus' action, in turn, is not to be found in Saturn, but in Sun in Leo in the 6th, and so on round the wheel. The sequence of dispositorships shows the unfolding of a story that the chart as a whole symbolizes. A story line by definition moves forward in time. 



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A note from a doctor... 

I am very impressed with the clinical utility of what I've learned so far and am anxious to move on to the next level. Also, I want you to know how impressed I am with your ability to construct a cogent and understandable system. Having studied most of the personality systems in western psychology, I must say the sophistication and depth of your astrological model surpasses them all. The system you teach is a profoundly useful bridge between archetypal astrology and modern western psychology. It seems to honour the truth and validity of both perspectives by integrating them nicely. Thanks, and I certainly encourage you to continue your good work, as it has much to offer.


                                                             ~ Rick Szuster, M.D.


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Glenn's Lecture Schedule



August, 26-28, ISAR Symposium, Palm Gardens, FL, "Advanced Chart Interpretation Skills" with Robert Corre, Monica Dimino, Chris McRae, and Glenn Perry. This symposium will entail four rotating groups, providing equal time with each instructor. Focus will be on chart synthesis and core forecasting techniques. For more information, go to: www.isarastrology.com or contact Michelle Gould at 352-226-6370 or Richard Smoot at 734-389-5014.


November 3-6, OPA Retreat, at Ocean Creek Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This four-day intensive will focus on the development of chart interpretation skills that empower astrologers to maximize the therapeutic impact of consultations. Before the chart can reveal answers, it must first be utilized as a guide for asking questions. The astrologer's job is to use the chart to reframe and amplify information the client provides in order to stimulate insight, promote hope, and encourage growth. Instruction in chart synthesis will be combined with counseling technique to give students supervised, practical application of astrological theory. Experiential learning will be supplemented with group discussion and sharing. For more information or to register for the retreat, call Retreat Coordinator Bob Mulligan at 239-261-2840 or email: BOBMULLIGA@aol.com



May 24-29, UAC 2012, New Orleans, LA at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel. Two Lectures: "How our Beliefs about Fate Determine our Astrology," and "Oppositions: The Scylla and Charybdis of the Birthchart". Contact:  www.UACASTROLOGY.com



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