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July 2012

Our vision for accessible transportation in the Alamo Area is to ensure that all seniors and people with disabilities have safe, least restrictive and barrier free access to affordable transportation to meet personal needs


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Welcome to the July edition of the Alamo Area Accessible Transportation & Mobility Newsletter, a forum to inform our community about accessible transportation and discuss opportunities for improvements 


This month's topics:  

We encourage your feedback and contributions each month! Please forward any information you would like to share.





Isa Fernández, MPA

Mobility Specialist

Bexar Area Agency on Aging

Alamo Area Council of Governments

(210) 362-5227

AACOG Awarded Federal Transit Administration Grant  to Create AlamoRides


The Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) was selected as one of 64 recipients in 33 states to receive the Department of Transportation's Federal Transit Administration Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative (VTCLI) grant.


The $841,000 grant was written by members of the Alamo Area Accessible Transportation Coalition Initiative (AAATCI),who will form a working group to implement the plan as a broad-based community initiative. The funds will pay for the creation of AlamoRides, a "One-Call, One-Click" Center, which will provide information and referrals for transportation to veterans of all ages, older adults, and people with disabilities via telephone and online. The-county AACOG region, has the highest concentration of veterans in Texas, with approximately 40 percent of the 215,000 veterans over age 60. 


AlamoRideswill give users the ability to call or go online to find comprehensive information on transportation and mobility throughout the AACOG region. Over the phone or online, users will be able to access a user-friendly decision tree to evaluate options to best fit their needs. 

When users cannot locate the services they need, they will be transferred to Alamo Service Connection or 2-1-1 for further assistance.


The service is expected to go live in 2015. 


For more information about AlamoRides, please contact (210) 362-5227 or 



Two-Year Congressional Transportation Bill Includes Increases in Funding for

 Senior Transportation Programs



In late June Congress officially approved a two-year transportation bill that increases in funding for transportation programs. Improvements aim to streamline delivery of public transit projects and provide funding for new start projects as well as transit replacement and facility programs. 


The package passed the House 373 to 52 and the Senate 74 to 19. Under the bill federal transportation funding remains steady at roughly $54 billion a year, with public transportation funds set at $8.36 billion in FY2012, $8.47 billion in FY 2013 and $8.595 billion in FY 2014.


Other highlights of the approved bill, which is yet to be signed by President Obama include:

  • Provisions to accelerate project delivery.
  • An expansion of the he Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loan program to $1 billion per year.
  • The consolidation of the Elderly and Disabled and New Freedom program, which will increase the amount of available funds.
  • Reforming and streamlining of the New Starts program which supports locally planned, implemented, and operated transit "guideway" capital investments.

The bill maintains funding for public transportation through September 2014  and reflects the public transportation needs in urban and rural areas.  



Alamo Area Accessible Transportation Coalition Initiative (AAATCI) Updates 


The five subcommittees of the Alamo Area Accessible Transportation Coalition Initiative (AAATCI) have continued to meet regularly to continue moving forward on tasks. These include:



1. Urban-Rural Link - working to fill service gaps in the connections between Metropolitan Transit and Regional Transit. Several tentative projects are in the works that aim to provide benefits to the cities of Live Oak and Helotes.


2. Dialysis Transportation Study - studying transportation patterns of dialysis patients to create a baseline for understanding ways to promote patient-centered and more efficient transportation. Several transportation providers are providing the AAATCI subcommittee de-identifiedinformation on travel patterns of clients receiving dialysis.


3. ADA Infrastructure - promoting Livable Communities, Complete Streets and Aging in Place. The subcommittee has developed extensive presentations to be housed on the AACOG/Bexar Aging website and available to the public. The subcommittee is also reviewing the Unified Development Code (UDC) to research areas for potential improvements.


4. Sensitivity/Etiquette - for Assisting Passengers with Disabilities - developing training materials for community use. An introductory presentation has been developed, and the committee is creating a bibliography of materials addressing the topic.   Once complete, the information will be housed on the AACOG/Bexar Aging website, for community use.


5. Grant Research - collaborative grant writing. AAATCI has been awarded a highly competitive Federal Transit Association grant to develop a One-Call/One-Click transportation information center called



The next AAATCI meeting is on Thursday, July 19th at AACOG, 8700 Tesoro Dr. Ste. 700, San Antonio, Texas 78217 in the Notzon Board Room on the 1st Floor.


Please RSVP to Isa Fernández, MPA (210) 362-5227 or email with any questions and/or additions to the agenda



Community Design and the Incidences of Crashes Involving Pedestrians and Motorists Age 75 and Older





In an effort to fill the gap of information regarding the relationship of the built environment and the incidence of crashes involving older adults, the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University System has released a report on "Community Design and the Incidences of Crashes Involving Pedestrians and Motorists Age 75 and Older."  Researched by the University Transportation Center on Mobility, the report offers perspective on issues that affect older adults who walk and/or drive such as: 


  • Big-box stores and arterials impact on older pedestrians
  • A network of  lower-speed streets was found to be associated with reductions in crashes involving older motorists and pedestrians
  • Location, configuration, and implications of design to commercial design practice
  • Intersections, strip commercial uses, big-box stores, and arterial thoroughfares hazards for older motorists 

 To read entire report, please click here 



AccessAbility Fest Open,

Seeks Award Nominations 



The 6th Annual AccessAbility Fest is scheduled for Sunday, October 28th from 12pm to 5pm at HemisFair Park.  AccessAbility Fest is free and open to the public, bringing resources and recreation to individuals with disabilities and their families.  This year's event will feature resource Exhibitors, Fun Activities and Games, Costume Contest, Entertainment, Ask-the-Expert, Legislative interaction and so much more!  Online registrations are encouraged at for exhibitors, activity providers, entertainment acts and experts as soon as possible. 


Updates are posted almost daily as registrations and participation commitments are received.  Exhibitor registration is $600 and nonprofits can enjoy the special registration rate of $25 with proof of 501(c)3 status.  Exhibitors providing a game or activity for attendees to participate may elect for a free registration.  Prizes and activity materials must be provided by the participating organization.  


AccessAbility in Action Award

Nominations Now Open


Do you know of an organization, family or individual who makes it a focus to help people with disabilities in San Antonio and the surrounding area in work, in life, and in play?  Consider nominating them for this year's AccessAbility in Action Award that will be presented at the 6th Annual AccessAbility Fest on Sunday, October 28th.  Nominations may be submitted online via Deadline for nominations is Friday, August 31, 2012.




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