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Potter in a Truck


The View from the Helm
The View From the Helm

Gusty warm winds are blowing us into the Ides of March beckoning us to explore the springtime seas. Activity is being reported everywhere as dustcovers, tarps and shrink-wrap are being stripped from trailerable boats in preparation for the exciting spring events. International Marine is no exception to this commotion. We are in full production to meet the growing need for adventure amongst our seafaring clientele.


The 2012 Potter's & Sanibels will be the best boats turned out to date. We have discontinued the Standard Layup of years past and are now producing only the coveted Blue Water Layup with the increased coring, laminates, quality components and attention to detail. But don't worry, the future holds more than one boating choice for you. On the boards presently are plans for a Performance Potter!   I can't spill too much information right now but keep an eye on the website. You will catch the breaking news there.




Ken Lange

President, International Marine 

Havasu Pocket Cruiser's Convention 2012
2012 Lake Havasu Cruisers Convention
2012 Lake Havasu Cruisers Convention
Lake Havasu 2012

International Marine took February by storm promoting Potters at boat shows from Seattle Washington to Lake Havasu Arizona.

2012 Havasu was February's crowning jewel with over 200 boats sported by over 400 proud owners. The venue was stunning. Dry desert winds rippling over the deep blue lake waters created the perfect sailing experience for the little boats that had traveled hundreds of miles to attend this event. And Ken Lange was present to hand over the trophy to the winner of the 2nd annual Potter Cup.


This year's fabulous event was published in Cruising World Magazine, Sail Magazine, Small Craft Advisory and The Good Old Boat. Now that is coverage!


Ken would like to personally thank Sean Mulligan and all the wonderful people who helped make this event so exciting and memorable. Ken, as well as hundreds of others, is looking forward to Lake Havasu 2013.

Become a Potter Pal  & Make Some Money
Potter Pals

International Marine is putting the finishing touches on a campaign to unite Potter and Sanibel advocates. The plan is to help you build a fleet of like-minded Potter owners in your sailing community. This is the first company sponsored venue of its kind.


As a registered Potter Pal you would have access to a tool kit containing, historical facts, printable business cards, boat fact sheets, parts list and many other useful items. You will also get the opportunity to attend your local boat shows as a vendor and work side by side with International Marine's President Ken Lange. Included too is a Potter Pal patch for your hat or yacht club coat, a burgee, boat sales materials and the opportunity to collect a nice referral fee from International Marine upon the closing of a sale involving a client you introduced.


So keep an eye on the newsletter and website. And if you have any ideas to help make Potter Pals a greater success please call us at 800-433-4080.

Complementary Ticket to the Oakland Boat Show!
2012 Oakland Boat Show
International Marine Will Be There! 

It's party time! This is the West Coast's largest sailboat show and if it is anything like last years it may very well be the event of the season.


2011 found Potter Yachters out in full force hosting the most entertaining onsite potter party ever, complete with a Potter Parade Cruise, a keg, sailing stories, jokes and ear to ear smiles and laughter turning Jack London Square into "The place to be".


The 2012 Potter Yachter Parade starts Saturday. So we will see you on the docks or in the water!

HMS 18 #001   by Michael Thomas 
HMS 18 #001
The Journey of Hull #1

Back in 1988, I was doing a remodel in a condo on one of the upper stories of the Sunset Tower in Hollywood. Every day on my way to work, I passed an empty parking lot, behind an empty building on Sunset Blvd. Underneath a tree in the back corner, filled with leaves and trash was a very lonely and neglected boat.

 Read more.... 

Photo of the Month
March Photo of the Month

Lake Havasu Pocket Cruiser's Convention
We Will Be There!
Southwest International Boat Show
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