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Happy September!

I hope you had a fabulous summer filled with fun, friends, family and some relaxation thrown in for good measure. September for many of us is like a new year with the kids going back to school when schedules for homework, activities and bedtime once again take center stage. It can become quite busy overnight and effective time management is critical so we can refocus on our health goals and plan to take care of ourselves with kindness and compassion.



Wellness Tip of the Month


Food is fuel and September is vegetables and fruit month. New Jersey produce is amazing. If you plan your meals over the weekend and shop for fresh vegetables and fruit before the work week starts, you will be more likely to have a well balanced menu for your family. Most often we end up eating foods that are not healthy due to a time crunch or because the fridge is empty and we are too tired or hungry to think. So make shopping for healthy foods a fun activity and try to get as many fruits, vegetables, salads, beans, fish, and lean cuts of meat in your diet as possible.   


Pick as many different colors of produce as you can. Good nutrition helps your gums stay healthy and avoiding sugary snacks, drinks and foods cuts down on cavities. Thanks to Westfield CSA many of us in Westfield receive top quality Jersey fresh organic vegetables and fruits every week.

Dental Tips


Wear of your teeth is neither normal nor due to aging or stress.


It is due to a dysfunction of how your bite is working. That is also known as occlusal disease, and it is the number one cause for tooth loss in the US. We at 229 Charles Street are specially trained to detect, diagnose and treat wear. So if you have noticed any changes in the way your teeth look, please call us. Don't wait until you become a dental reconstruction case! When bite issues are not correctly diagnosed and treated early on, the consequences to your smile, muscles and joints (TMJ) are significant. It is a progressive disease that will not go away without proper intervention.


An advanced case of wear that was treated to restore the beauty and function of the patient's smile.  

Before pic DN after pic
Practice News


* Bella Magazine (summer issue) published Dr. Merriman's article on what to look for when choosing a dental practice. We are proud to contribute to Bella as we love and share their philosophy: Beauty as defined by you. Look for more articles by Dr. Merriman in their digital and print publications. Please come by 229 Charles Street for a complementary magazine.


 * Our Hygienist
Many of you have already met or received a call from our hygienist and preventive care manager, Maria. She joined our practice this March and comes to us with 24 years of experience. She has previously worked with general dentists and specialists and has a passion for doing 'whatever it takes'  to get her patients healthy. I recently had my own preventive care visit with her and I can tell you that it was the best and most thorough visit I have ever had with a hygienist. She truly was effective in educating me (yes, me! I'm a dentist but am also a patient like you) about the condition of my mouth and gave me some nifty tips to improve my home care. She has coined the phrase, 'you must rock the floss' and sincerely looks forward to seeing you at your next visit. We are lucky to have her as a part of the A team! 


* Blood pressure screening at every dental visit? Yes! Your general health is directly related to your oral health so we will record your BP at your next visit. This not a substitute to a visit with your medical physician but is meant to be an important screening.


* Mind-body connection - Yes! We have designed your visits keeping this in mind. So sit back and let go. Let us guide you to breathe deeply and mindfully while receiving a dental procedure, relax and visualize yourself floating peacefully down a gentle stream with the sun shining upon your face. All while you listen to music that soothes your mind.


* Our Facebook following is increasing every day. Our page is dedicated to educating and engaging you. We love to share dental tips, general stories that inspire and move us. We have recently started a 'Spotlight on Spectacular Patients' as well. Please visit Sunita Merriman, DDS on Facebook and invite your friends and family to like us. We know they will love it and benefit from it.


Lynda, Claudia, Maria, Queenie and Deborah join me in thanking you for the opportunity of taking care of your smile. We feel that all our patients are spectacular!

group picture


 Until next time,

Be well, Live Well, Do Well!


Warm Regards,

Sunita Merriman 

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