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Happy Spring!

In almost 20 years of practicing dentistry, the biggest challenge I face is to help patients understand that a lack of symptoms such as pain and a noticeable infection does not mean that there is no pathology going on in their mouth. Dental disease in most cases is painless. If left untreated it progresses to a point where treatment may require additional procedures and the prognosis may be less favorable.




So we at 229 Charles Street take every opportunity to educate our patients about their level of health and disease. Thinking outside the box has become second nature to us. We are using many different avenues of patient engagement and education which include:

  • Digital photography to help the patients see what we see when we examine their mouth. This helps them understand the conditions in their mouth and why treatment is necessary.
  • Digital x-rays that can be enlarged on the screen to show a patient their teeth and any obvious disease.
  • Casey , a DVD program that explains what specific dental conditions and their treatment options.
  • Bite FX, a DVD with a series of schematic drawings of the working of the TMJ (jaw joint), jaws and teeth and how bite issues can cause dysfunction of many types with devastating effects on the whole system -like headaches, muscle spasm, fractured and worn teeth, TMJ disorders and grinding.
  • Printed brochures about dental disease and treatments
  • Our newsletter (archived on our website
  • Our Facebook page where we routinely post articles and links to relevant dental and general wellness topics and share practice news.
  • Our blog, Dental Chronicles that has articles that I write specifically for the purpose of educating patients to the benefits of good oral health and general well being and discuss the implications of oral disease.
  • Good old fashioned chair-side discussions with patients using all of the technology and tools that we have at our disposal.

I have found that there is no shortcut in gaining a patients trust and so have designed our practice to be all about the relationship that we have with you. Once you are a patient of ours, you are part of the family at 229.

Dental Tips - Myth or Fact?


Once a tooth gets a crown, it's safe from any more cavities.




When a crown is placed on a tooth, it can definitely get a cavity under and/or around it. It is especially important to floss around a crown and to keep the area clean by brushing at least twice daily. Some extra fluoride is also helpful to prevent recurrent decay. Visit your dentist regularly so she can check the root area and crown margin for any signs of decay. Periodic X rays are also recommended of the area.


For those of you that are looking to have your teeth whitened for this spring and summer, now is the time to call for an appointment. Remember, the smile you want is within your reach.

Practice News


We are thrilled to introduce Maria Romito, RDH to you. She joined our practice this spring as our hygienist and we will be featuring her experience and background in our next newsletter. In the meantime, Maria is excited to meet you all as your appointments come around.


April 28th, 2011 was a fun day for all of us. We had a photo shoot to show case our new facility and our team members. We all found out first hand that modeling is not an easy job but had an awesome day playing 'Top Model'. Please check out pictures of the shoot on our Facebook page. We have also added my favorite cookie recipe on our Welcome Page. Feel free to print out and test this delicious recipe from the Barefoot Contessa here: Recipe 


Thank you for supporting our practice!


Till next time,

Be well, Live Well, Do Well!


Warm Regards,

Sunita Merriman
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