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Happy February 29th!

We get an 'extra' day this year. What are you going to do with this gift of time?  Hopefully it's something that is aligned with your passions and interests and brings you joy. Whatever that may be, we at 229 know that good health is essential for us to do anything in life. So we are committed to helping you achieve those optimal health goals. We are your oral health coaches that are there for you every step of the way, cheering you on as you brush and floss your way to a healthy smile. We will hold your hand through a smile make over, bite adjustment, implant procedure, Invisalign treatment or a simple filling. Every effort on your part counts and makes a difference in your overall health.  I know how difficult it is to carve time out for doctor's appointments. But we all must!  

My health and fitness coach,
Michelle Snyder 
I live in the same demanding world as my patients do and face the same issues and challenges. A busy schedule, high demands on my energy and time, parenting responsibilities and the desire to pursue my personal and professional goals all have to be balanced on a daily basis. I found that my physical activity level had suffered in this juggle. So I took the advice I give my patients about 'the past being a cancelled check and today is the beginning of the rest of your life.' I started training with a coach. I have a way to go before I get to my goal, but I am on my way. 
Dental Tips


- Even if you have a crown over a tooth, you can get a cavity under it or around the margins of it. So it is very important to floss and brush well around a crown, or any dental work for that matter.


- Children should be examined by an orthodontist by age 7 even if they do not 'seem' like they may need braces. There are many growth and development milestones that should be monitored at this young age. Also, interceptive orthodontic procedures may limit or even eliminate the need for braces later on.


- It's never too late to get your bite corrected and teeth straightened. Don't hesitate to discuss this with us at your next wellness care visit.


- Visit us on Facebook to see how gum recession can really cause some major problems. Dr. Merriman discusses what you can do to prevent such damage and what can be done to 'fix' it in her blog.


Practice News


Participants at a course taught by Dr. Merriman on February 8th, 2012. The audience included general dentists, specialists and team members. The topic discussed by Dr. Merriman was 'Extreme Wear of Dentition'.
"Dr. Sunita Merriman was outstanding as a featured speaker of the Study Club. The hall was filled - standing room only. Terrific lecture Sunita."


-Dr. Shankar Iyer, President and CEO of Center of Educational Excellence



Congratulations to our patient Jason Sterlacci who gave up 'mediocre brushing and sketchy flossing habits' for Lent. He told us that he is now flossing daily and brushing diligently and hopes to keep up these good habits after Lent. Way to go Jason!


Also Happy Birthday to our patient PJ Keenan who celebrates his actual birthday every 4 years on February 29th. So is he 12 or 3 years old this year?


Till next time,

Be well, Live Well, Do Well!


Warm Regards,

Sunita Merriman 
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