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May 2011

Hawaii State Governor Neil Abercrombie Supports Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods Reforestation Initiative.

(Left to Right) Mark Velci (HLH), Governor Neil Abercrombie, Jeffery Dunster (HLH), John Henshaw (Nature Conservancy). 



On March 2nd, 2011 Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods met with Governor Neil Abercrombie and  

The Nature Conservancy, to discuss the United States Department of Agriculture 2011 Conservation Innovation Grant. This grant would allow HLH to implement turn-key innovative solutions allowing eligible landowners to monetize forest carbon at scale.


In a signed letter of support Governor Abercrombie stated, "I wholeheartedly support the Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods novel approach to reforesting native hardwoods and recognize it's valuable benefits to the State of Hawaii. Strategic private and public sector partnerships are critical to accomplishing major initiatives and the State will continue to foster such partnerships and provide assistance whenever it is able."


HLH applauds the Governor's commitment to these initiatives and his understanding of their importance. With the continued support of such leaders in our community, HLH will have many opportunities to develop new applications for the timber industry, grow green jobs here in Hawaii, and assist nonprofit groups with their fund raising activities. In addition to our Legacy Reforestation Initiative, our forestry business model allows investors worldwide to participate in the full spectrum of planting Koa in a sustainable, ethical and responsible manner. 

"We all need to plant trees and in doing so, send a message that the time for watching and waiting is over. Each of us can make a difference. It's about taking your beliefs and values and converting them into action." said Jeff Dunster CEO of Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods. 



Boy Scouts of America, 

Aloha Council  



Since 1910, conservation has been an integral part of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Today the Boy Scouts of America, Aloha Council has been a positive force in conservation and environmental efforts here in Hawaii. Scouts today grow up hearing words such as ecosystem, biodiversity and climate change. They recognize the need for, and the benefits of conserving natural resources.


Many things have changed over the decades in Hawaii but Scouting and its mission remain constant and continue to flourish. Today more than 19,000 young men AND women regularly engage with nearly 8,000 volunteers in Scouting activities.


The Aloha Council is flourishing geographically as well - encompassing not only Hawaii, but Guam, American Samoa, Marianas, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau. In all - the Aloha Council covers the largest geographical area in the world - over 8,000,000 square miles on both sides of the equator and date line!


In Scouting, your never to young to begin learning to do things on your own, setting goals, sharing with others and enjoying the rewards of achievement. As Hawaii's youth grow in the program, our outcomes show that the character traits, leadership skills and citizenship attributes that all parents want for their children become a reality.


We are so pleased that BSA, Aloha Council and HLH have partnered for a fund raising opportunity that will aid in the reforestation of Hawaii Island. 


The funds raised by these Scouts will allow their Troops to fly to Hawaii Island. While there, they will participate in the planting of  their sponsored Legacy Trees. This trip will provide an opportunity to earn merritt badges (gaining first hand knowledge in sustainable forestry) while enjoying the beauty of Hawaii Island, partaking in a truly unique adventure!     


Watch The Boy Scout Legacy Tree Video Now! 

Big Island Artist Kalei'iliahi


Big Island Artist Kalei'iliahi is a kanaka maoli (aboriginal) of Hawaii. Her name means "Wreath of Sandlewood". She is a citizen of the Nation of Hawaii. Born and raised in the lush Kalihi Valley on the island of O'ahu, Kalei has had a profound connection to the nature and angelic kingdoms since childhood. 


As a visual artist Kalei's kreations are inspired through her meditations, metaphysical experiences, powerful relationship with her Ancestral Spirits, and her connection to All That Is Divine. 


The Art featured is Kalei'iliahi's vision of Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods. We would like to say Mahalo to Kalei'iliahi's for devoting all her time and energy to this project.


To learn more about Kalei'liahi and her work please visit her website at: www.kaleiskreations.com




Volume:3  Issue : 5  

In This Issue


Support from Hawaii State Governor  Neil Abercrombie 


 Boy Scouts of America, Aloha Council

Legacy Partnership


Art Work From Hawaii Island Artist

Kahuna Kaleiiliahi





Tiffany Shafto will be leaving Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods to devote all of  her time  to her true passion, writing her newest book. We wish you well!  

Did you know that over a 50-year lifetime, one tree generates $31,250 worth of oxygen, provides $62,000 worht of air pollution control, recycles $37,500 worth of water, and controls $31,250 worth of

soil erosion?

(According to the USDA Forest Service Pamphlet



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