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"Societies are renewed...by people who believe in something, care about something, stand for something."
-John W. Gardner
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Excellence in Volunteer Management Training Series (EVMTS), June 8 & 9
National Conference on Volunteering and Service, New York City, June 28-30
Serve America Act: One Year Later
New Study on Health and Volunteerism
HOW TO: Engage Youth in Summer Volunteerism
Free Management Library
Orientation for New Volunteer Coordinators and Executive Directors, June 10
Dear Volunteer Administrators, 
We would like to thank you again for your membership and for your partnership with The Volunteer Center. Just a reminder, please renew your membership as soon as possible to keep the 2009 rate. In order to sustain the quality of our services, TVC's membership rate will increase to $360 after July 1. Also, please be advised that previous year's membership benefits will not carry over longer than 60 days unless payment is received or other financial arrangements have been made with TVC's staff by July 1. To renew and pay online, please click here. You can also download an invoice online and send it to us through regular mail, along with your check. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Program Manager, Annette Sommer, at (847) 228-1320 or annette.sommer@volunteerinfo.net.  We appreciate your support!
Coming Soon
Excellence in Volunteer Management Training Series (EVMTS), June 8 & 9
Don't miss this special Volunteer Management Training Series, to be held on Tuesday, June 8 and Wednesday, June 9 at TVC's office in Forest View Educational Center. In just two full days, you can learn how to organize and implement your own effective volunteer program. This training opportunity is most appropriate for new volunteer coordinators, managers, or volunteer leaders responsible for volunteer recruitment and orientation.
The interactive EVMTS curriculum is based on the newest research and best practices in the industry. It will introduce the newly updated 2010 HandsOn Network and Points of Light Institute Volunteer Management Training Certificate Series. Topics will be similar to TVC's regular VMTS, but current trends, examples, and new activities will reflect the current volunteer management issues that are facing the nonprofit sector. Each participant will receive a workbook with resources, copies of the power point slides, and templates to support each unit.
The EVMTS will be comprised of six sessions. Take all six workshops and complete the open book exam to earn your Certificate of Achievement in Volunteer Management. The cost of the EVMTS certificate course is $360 for nonmembers. TVC and AmeriCorps VISTA members are entitled to a special rate of $180, a 50% discount. If you would like more information, please contact Chris Smith at 847-228-1320. Please click here to register online.
The 2010 National Conference on Volunteering and Service, New York City, June 28-30
The annual National Conference on Volunteering and Service is quickly approaching. This is a great opportunity to network with fellow nonprofit professionals, get the latest news from the world's leading volunteer and service leaders, and learn about the future direction of the nonprofit sector from more than 170 workshops. This includes 14 immersion learning sessions and 17 issue forums in focus areas ranging from effective volunteer management to social media.
TVC will present the Strategic Action for Volunteer Engagement (SAVE) model at the New Skills-Based Volunteer Programs Help NPO's Save Time, Resources and Increase Program Impact workshop on June 30 at 8:30am-10am, as well as at the Pre-Conference Skills-Based Volunteer Summit on Sunday, June 27 at 9am. The workshop will focus on how local corporate and community partnerships can be leveraged to provide access to skills-based volunteers. Registration ends June 22. Prices vary, depending on whether you are a HandsOn Network affiliate. More information available at www.volunteeringandservice.org.
In the News
Serve America Act: One Year Later
A year has passed since President Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act on April 21, 2009. This legislation is the most sweeping expansion of national service in an entire generation. The Serve America Act will expand AmeriCorps to 250,000 positions by 2017, increase service opportunities for students and older Americans, focus service on key national priorities, increase efficiency and accountability, and strengthen our civic infrastructure by investing in new volunteer initiatives. An update on the Serve America Act is as follows:
  • The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded 15,000 AmeriCorps members to serve in economically distressed communities. Members are currently providing job placement and financial counseling services, helping prevent foreclosures, weatherizing homes, strengthening food banks, expanding health and independent living services, recruiting volunteers, and much more.
  • To implement the Serve America Act, Congress approved a $1.149 billion for CNCS in FY 2010, a historic funding increase. This budget provides expansion for each of the Corporation's existing programs and funds new Serve America Act initiatives. President Obama's FY 2011 request of $1.4 billion will continue this path of growth, expanding AmeriCorps to 105,000 positions and increasing other programs.
  • National Days of Service have been significantly expanded. Funded by then Present-elect Obama, the 2009 King Day of Service was the largest in history. More than a million Americans served in 13,000 projects across the country. The Corporation also led the first ever September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance.
Check out the CNCS website here for additional information on the Serve America Act, as well as fact sheets on its implementation and progress.
New Study on Health and Volunteerism
While the link between health and volunteering has been explored before, there is still much that we do not know about the relationship between giving time and personal health. VolunteerMatch, in collaboration with UnitedHealthcare, has just released a new report titled UnitedHealthcare/VolunteerMatch Do Good. Live Well. Survey. This report provides compelling new evidence that volunteering not only enhances a person's physical and mental health, but also strengthens relationships between employers and employees. Some of the key findings included:
  • More than 68% of those who volunteered in the past year report that volunteering made them feel physically healthier
  • 29% of volunteers who suffer from a chronic condition say that volunteering has helped them manage their chronic illness
  • 89% of volunteers agree that volunteering improved their sense of well-being
  • 73% of volunteers feel that volunteering lowered their stress levels
  • 92% of volunteers agree that volunteering enriches their sense of purpose in life
  • More than three-quarters of volunteers who participate in service activities through work report that they feel better about their employer because of the employer's involvement in their volunteer activities
For nonprofits, this report is a reminder about the role that their agencies play in the lives of volunteers and the important role of volunteer managers. It is therefore important never to overlook a volunteer, and to make your organization a conducive and healthy environment to volunteering.
Please see the following links for more information:
Tips of the Trade
HOW TO: Engage Youth in Summer Volunteerism
The recent heat wave is a reminder that summer is right around the corner and with it, summer vacation and student volunteers. Today's youth is a valuable resource of potential volunteers because of their acute awareness of the effects of globalization; young people are virtually plugged into the world of social media and the Internet. These happen to be major hurdles for many nonprofits. This is especially true for those agencies that are still struggling to get in touch with today's digital way of life, and appeal to groups of volunteers and clients faster and more cost-effectively.
Many students, both high school and college, are in need of employment during the summer months. Many will be turning to volunteerism, especially with President Obama's Call to Action media campaign and the job shortages all across the country. It is therefore time to start taking students seriously and utilizing their skills to your advantage. The following is a list of some helpful tips to assist you, at least in the beginning, in engaging students as volunteers this coming summer:
  • You must be present on the internet to attract today's youth, so be sure to post opportunities online. Work through Volunteer Match or other Internet-matching services like TVC's website, www.volunteerinfo.net.  
  • Respond promptly to volunteer inquiries. Many students apply for multiple positions and might therefore commit to an agency that responds to them the fastest.
  • Frame opportunities and issues that are relevant to youth. Let them know that they will be making a difference in your organization and beyond.
  • Offer pertinent experiences and concrete skills. Many students are looking for volunteer opportunities that will develop their skills and allow them to hone their knowledge in a particular area, whether it is marketing, writing, or human resources.
  • Use language like fast, fun, and innovative when describing your opportunities and interviewing potential volunteers.
  • Have visuals that attract youth, whether on your website or next to the volunteer opportunity.
  • Vary your online positions. Change the titles and descriptions every few weeks in order to maintain interest in your agency.
Here are a few tips for the management of student volunteers:
  • Invite student volunteer input into the development of a project. Let them know that they can contribute their ideas and thoughts to your cause.
  • Provide leadership roles, such as team and project leaders. Many college or graduate school applications, as well as employers, are looking for concrete leadership skills, so students are particularly interested in gaining leadership experience.
  • Accommodate different levels of knowledge and sophistication. For example, provide different tasks for college-level students vs. high school students.
  • Place student volunteers with staff members who will respect, facilitate, encourage, and mentor them.
  • Offer some sort of training to youth team leaders.
  • Encourage an environment that engages your student volunteers in the mission of your organization. Work with your staff and adult volunteers to create a supportive and inviting organization.

For additional resources, check out the following:
Volunteer Leader Resource Corner
Free Management Library
An integrated online library for both nonprofits and for-profits, the Free Management Library has helpful resources for the effective development and management of volunteer programs. Some topics include establishing or modifying volunteer management systems, the role of volunteer managers, staffing analysis, legal and risk considerations, volunteer job and task descriptions, volunteer recruitment and screening, orienting and training volunteers, supervising volunteers, volunteer and staff relations, and assessing your volunteer management practices. This useful website will connect you to practical resources on whatever aspect of volunteer management that you need help with. For example, under the topic of Volunteer Job/Task Descriptions, there is a link that will connect you to SupportingAdvancement.com, which is a website with dozens of sample opportunity descriptions for different types of organizational roles. To access the Free Management Library, click here.
Mark Your Calendars
Orientation for New Volunteer Coordinators and Executive Directors, June 10 8am-9am
Learn more about The Volunteer Center, what we do in the community, and how we can help your organization strengthen your volunteer program. This orientation will teach you how to utilize the resources that we offer to increase the impact of your nonprofit and manage your volunteers more effectively. The session will be held at TVC's office in Forest View Educational Center on Thursday, June 10 from 9am-10am. The orientation is free of charge! Register online here. Everyone is welcome, from Volunteer Managers to Executive Directors. We look forward to seeing you there!
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