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RunnerDude Interviews Olympic Marathon Team Members 

Shalane Flanagan and 

Kara Goucher!


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Interested in learning how to run? The next Beginning Running Group starts May 8th. This 14-week group run/walk program will have you running 30 minutes (about the distance of a 5K) with no walking by the end of the program. The program is designed to gradually help you build muscular and aerobic endurance as you ease into running. Great for beginners of all ages. 


Next Beginning Running Group begins August 21st! 

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Thinking about training for a 5K, 10K, Half- or Full Marathon? At RunnerDude's Fitness, race training groups take place year-round. Group members use a 12-week (5K & 10K), a 14-week (Half-Marathon), or an 18-week (Full Marathon) training program that's customized for each runner's specific fitness level, goals, pace, and desired race time. Plans include speedwork, tempo runs, long runs, and cross-training/core work.


No worries about trying to find a group training plan that fits the dates of your race. Pick your race, back up 12, 14, or 18 weeks from the race date and that's when your training begins. 


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Thinking about joining a RunnerDude's Fitness Group Race Training program for the first time? Get a buddy to register with you and 

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Existing Clients! 
If you refer a new client to RunnerDude's Fitness and he/she purchases a service or program, then you'll receive a 20% discount off your next service or program and your friend will receive 10% off the service for which he/she has registered! 
Just be sure to tell your friend to tell RunnerDude who sent him/her so you'll both get your discount!


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Running Stride Analysis


Ever wonder what you really look like running? Let RunnerDude show you! Schedule a Running Stride Analysis session and Thad will help reveal what's going on in your stride. You may be surprised to find that you're a neutral runner with no issues. Or, maybe you pronate a little...or a lot! Or maybe you're over-striding causing you to have a severe heel-strike that may be the root of some other running-related issues you're having. Thad will videotape your running on the treadmill and outside, then he'll compile the video and analyze it helping to point out strengths and areas of improvement in your stride.  


For more information on the Running Stride Video Analysis, click here.


A Great Races!
August 11, 2012
Bur-Mill Park Greensboro, NC
Splash and Dash participants can also race Hit the Brixx
 5K and 10K only $10 more per event! 
brixx  October 20, 2012
Greensboro Elks Lodge
Cornwallis Rd.






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Since the last newsletter, several new clients have joined the RunnerDude's Fitness Family for training in the studio including...

Julie Julie Day, is an avid runner. She joined RunnerDude's Fitness to work on core and upper-body fitness designed to help her run even better. She's currently training for the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon taking place in October. Woot! Woot! Go Julie!



  Cindy Snider, is also an avid runner as well as a running buddy of Julie's. They both discovered RunnerDude's Fitness via the RunnerDude's Fitness water bottle coolers out on the greenway. Cindy, joined RunnerDude's Fitness for full-body fitness sessions. She's currently contemplating training for a fall half-marathon. 


Lindsay Walker started training in the studio several months ago working on full-body fitness. Recently she's gotten her Greensboro Firefighter boyfriend, Ty Jenks to join her for the fitness sessions. This couple is great to work with. Always ready for the next challenge. Ty is currently training for the Chicago Marathon. He and several other firefighter buddies are running Chicago in memory of fellow firefighter, Captain Will Caviness who tragically passed away while running the Chicago Marathon last year. Lindsay is getting ready to kick in her half-marathon training. She'll be running the Rock-n-Roll Savannah Half Marathon this fall.


Mother and daughter Michele and Stella Cybulski have recently joined the RunnerDude's Fitness Family. Michele is working on full-body fitness. Stella, an upcoming Senior at Page High School, is working on increasing full-body and core muscular endurance in prep for the upcoming fall cross-country season at Page High School. She's also had a running stride video analysis done to help learn more about her running form and how to become a more efficient runner so she can blast away the competition this year.


emmanuel Emmanuel Clark is also a cross-country runner. Emmanuel will be running for Hargrave Military Academy in VA, where he's a student. Emmanuel is an avid runner and is working on form, endurance, and core strength so he'll be in prime shape this fall when the cross-country season kicks in. Emmanuel is running with the adult race-training runners on the Wednesday night tempo run and Saturday morning long runs and having do trouble keeping up. Although some of the adults may be having trouble keeping up with Emmanuel. 



claireClaire Raymer is another cross-country runner working hard at RunnerDude's Fitness. Like Stella, Claire will also be running Cross-Country at Page High School. Claire is working hard on increasing upper-body and core muscular endurance. She's also had a running stride video analysis done to help learn more about her running form and how to become a more efficient runner so she can blast away the competition this year. Claire and her dad, Ray, have been joining us for the weekly tempo and long runs and have been doing an awesome job! 


marilynMarilyn Mehalik first joined RunnerDude's Fitness through the corporate training program done at her workplace, Volvo Trucks North American Headquarters here in Greensboro. RunnerDude's Fitness offers Fitness Walking, Beginning Running, Intermediate Running and Race Training Groups at Volvo. Marilyn joined the Fitness Walking Group and did great. Following the walking group she signed up for fitness training sessions at the studio. She comes twice a week and is doing an amazing job! Keep it up Marilyn!


bill Bill Cooke recently joined RunnerDude's Fitness to work on increasing core and upper-body muscular endurance in prep for the Blue Ridge Relay in September. Shown here with last year's relay team--Lost Soles, Bill is the team captain and does a great job of recruiting members and organizing the group workouts. The relay covers 208 miles beginning in Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia and ending in Asheville, NC. 


 Ben Burnside joined RunnerDude's Fitness this spring. He's working hard on increasing full-body fitness. Ben lives close to the studio and often walks to his weekly sessions. Go Ben!








By the time August rolls around there will be 30 people training for various races as a part of the RunnerDude's Fitness Group Race Training program. That's not including the Volvo runners who'll be training for the Rex Healthcare Half-Marathon and 10K (see below for more info on that group). 


The V.A. Beach Half-Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, NYC Marathon, The Richmond Half and Full Marathon, the OBX Half-Marathon, the Savannah Half-Marathon, the Triple Lakes Half-Marathon, The Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, the Kiawah Half-Marathon, and the Battleship Half-Marathon are races for which the Dudes and Dudettes are training.


Newbies to the marathon distance as well as seasoned marathoners, runners just wanting to complete their first marathon to some wanting to qualify for Boston are in the mix. This is a great bunch of runners who are a joy to work with! 



Last spring, RunnerDude's Fitness Runners from the studio and from runners from Volvo trained for and raced the Charlotte Race Fest 10K and Half Marathon. They did an amazing job.


In August the second Volvo Race Training Group will begin training for the Old Reliable 10K and the Rex Healthcare Half-Marathon that will take place this fall in Raleigh, NC as a part of the City of Oaks Marathon held on the same day.


The last group did an awesome job and I'm looking forward to getting started with the new group soon. The Volvo runners will do their weekly tempo runs midday on Wednesdays on the greenway off Gallimore Dairy Rd and then they'll join the RunnerDude's Fitness runners for the weekly Saturday morning long run on the Atlantic & Yadkin Greenway.


All of the Volvo groups have been going strong. The fifth round of walking and running groups will begin the week of August 5th. I've meet so many wonderful people through my experience at Volvo. Here's a picture of some of the current Intermediate Running Group members who will finish up their program soon.


 Several of this group will be joining the upcoming race training group or continue with the intermediate Running Group. 



One of the best parts of being a trainer is getting to watch individuals break new ground and achieve things they thought were impossible. 


Once such person is one of the Volvo participants, Latoya Lackey. Latoya began with the Volvo Fitness Walking Group, then joined the Beginning Running Group and did awesome in both. Next week she'll finish her second round of the Intermediate Running Group and in August she'll be joining the Race Training group. Latoya has such a positive attitude. No matter how hot in the summer or cold in the winter, she's out there for just about every midday workout.  Woot! Woot! Go Latoya!

tara Another such person is Tara Maxey. Tara is not only on a mission for becoming fit herself, she's made it a mission to get the entire family fit. Robert, Tara's husband has joined the band wagon and is currently finishing up the Intermediate Running Group here at the studio. Robert drives about an hour from Virginia (where he works) to make the bi-weekly workouts. Tara has completed the Volvo Beginning Running Group, two rounds of the Intermediate Running Group and the Volvo Race Training Group for which she trained for the Charlotte Race Fest 10K. She'll be joining the next race training group to train for her first half-marathon. Tara often makes the trek from her home in Kernersville to the RunnerDude's Fitness for the Wednesday night group tempo run. Her two young kids often join her for the run too. 

Tara was also Volvo's Health for Life Award recipient. Pictured here, she's receiving the award from Mary Vintinner, the StayWell Program Coordinator at Volvo.









Another awesome Dudette is Gloria Refinati. Gloria has been training in the studio for close to 2 years and she's a graduate of the Beginning running Group. Gloria's smile, sense of humor, and positive attitude is contagious. Whenever it gets tough, she repeats the saying on the wall in the studio, "Clear your mind of Can't" or she'll repeat to herself "Spaghetti Straps" (a goal is to wear spaghetti straps soon) and she keeps ongoing, and going, and going. Recently Eddie Wooten, the sports editor of the News and Record, featured Gloria on his blog  Running Shorts. Runner's World picked up the posting and featured it on the   Runner's World Daily blog on June 27th. How does Gloria feel about her accomplishments? "Yes, there were tears ... of joy followed by sheer and utter amazement!" Go Glo!!!
world  RunnerDudes have been spotted around 
the globe! 


Dawne Deuterman's wearing her RunnerDude's Fitness shirt while climbing the Santa Monica Mountains with her husband, Dan. Go Deutermans!


mikeMike Dougherty is shown here sporting his RunnerDude's Fitness T-shirt at the North Face Endurance Challenge in Beijing, China. Mike ran the 50K! Describing the run, Mike said, "That 50k was rough. Climbs were hand-over-hand up single track and through ravines. Down hills were like runaway trucks. Flats were river beds with boulders. My quads are still upset with me but thank goodness for your pushing me lower body to get ready!" 





Thanks again for all the continued support! If you know of anyone interested in personal training or in need of a running coach, be sure to send them my way. And, don't forget about the referral program. When a friend, family member, or colleague that you've referred signs up for a service or program, you receive 20% off a future service or program and your friend receives 10% off!  

Thad McLaurin-Owner/Trainer 
BA-Education: UNC-CH
Certified Personal Trainer:ACSM, NPTI
Certified Running Coach:RRCA, USA-Track & Field

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