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August 1, 2010
Your brand...the KEY to success...

Many small business owners quickly find out that running a business is not all about having the best product or service, but also the best brand.  Most successful businesses are successful not only because they are good at what they do, but because they have taken the effort to develop an identity.  
A brand is a name that customers grow to attach to a product or service.  And above that, it is a collection of their feelings and perceptions about the quality, image, status, and value of your product or service.  A brand thus simultaneously associates your name to a product or service, and communicates a particular guarantee about what you can expect from it. 
There are three main components to building a successful brand: identifying a need, exceeding expectations in satisfying that need, and then getting the word out.  If you have started a business, you've already identified some need or demand. 
Next, imagine to yourself what feelings or perceptions you want customers to conjure to mind when they think of your product.  Do you want to be known as the fastest?  The most economical?  The highest quality?  Try to experience your service or product through the eyes of your customer and see what it would take for you to think these things.
The last step is to market the brand.  This is achieved through word-of-mouth, advertising, and promotions.  Keep in mind it is essential to any marketing campaign to make it as easy as possible for customers to find and contact you.  In an increasingly virtual world, this means having a website is absolutely essential.
Many customers find the products or services they want through search engines and, by not having a website, you could be missing out on the free promotion of your business.   Websites do not have to be hugely expensive or complicated to run.  To help get started on building a brand, take advantage of our free website for thirty days offer.  Visit MyCorporation for more details. 
Questions from our customers
Is it necessary to register my trademark?
While it is not necessary to register your trademark, it is highly recommended.  Registration makes it easier to enforce the rights and privileges of your trademark and defend your brand.   Once registered, the law presumes you are the true owner of the mark and that you have the exclusive right to use the mark nationwide in connection with the goods and/or services listed in the registration.  Unregistered, that can potentially be very costly and difficult to prove.Registration symbol
Do I need an attorney to file a trademark application?
No.  An attorney is not necessary to obtain a trademark and can be costly.  However, you do have to comply with all substantive and procedural requirements, which may take some time to familiarize yourself with.  An economic alternative is to have an online document preparing business like MyCorporation file your application for you.  This ensures you comply with all of the necessary regulations without spending a fortune on an attorney.
Business Highlight: How to Defrost Bread
 Auden Necklace
Here's how it all began...
Meet Christina, who (let's just say) isn't a cooking expert. While at the grocery store one night, her boyfriend picks up a loaf of French bread to go with dinner and she chimes in with "Oh no we don't need any more bread, we have some in the freezer." After a bit of convincing he put the bread back as Christina was apparently quite excited about the bread in the freezer. After they returned home Christina set her iPhone down on the kitchen counter and left the room. Her unsuspecting boyfriend picked up her phone to look something up and was shocked to see what popped up on the Google search page, "How to defrost bread"! Who Google searches how to defrost bread?! her boyfriend asks while laughing as she returns to the kitchen. From then on she never heard the end of it and a few months later "" was born.    *Christina would like to point out that she obviously knows how to defrost bread, but was Googling it to see if one way "would better preserve the integrity of the bread". But this story, combined with many other domestic mishaps, makes for a pretty entertaining list of "what not to do" when trying to be domestic.    
Meet Nikki, Christina's domestic partner in crime. Nikki is happily married with a 2 year old son and might be more domestic than Martha Stewart. She cooks, cleans, runs her household and businesses with graceful domestic ease.   Christina and Nikki, friends of 8 years, decided to team up on this bread defrosting "dot com" adventure. They thought: What better way to give great entertaining advice  than taking it from real life experiences and many mistakes?

What is HowToDefrostBread? 
Well basically it's a site dedicated to everything domestic...and then some!
On (also referred to as H2DFB) you will find tips and advice on everything from cooking to children to planning the perfect party all from our own life experiences. Don't worry it's not all just advice and our  obnoxious opinions but an interactive community where you, the reader, can chime in too. Follow us on our Wonder Blog, do some shopping with the "Fruit of Your Labor", cook, laugh and get answers to even your most embarrassing domestic questions. After all there are no dumb questions (Christina has probably asked them all!).
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Customer Trademark Questons - Answered.
Business Highlight: How To Defrost Bread
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