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Here is our first online newsletter. This format will enable us to bring our associations news and events to our membership in record time. Along with current news, upcoming events our members will be able to communicate with us. Hope you enjoy our newsletter 
Lucia Adrian
Newletter Editor
NYS Workshop - Patisserie Bruno
Workshop was held at Patisserie Bruno on March 3rd.

The Workshop at Biagio's Bakery was a showcase of exotic desserts. Biagio demonstrated 8 varieties of fine pastries. It was very informative and everyone picked up some new ideas. Not only did the pastries look extraordinary, but the taste was just as rewarding. We all tasted the variety of pastries after the dinner at Biagio's. The food was also excellent. A big  thank you from the whole Association goes out to Biagio.

Biagio doing his magic
Biaggo at work

NYS Workshop - Tilda's Bake Shop
Workshop was held at Tilda's Bake Shop in June 
Watermelon Cookies
Watermelon Cookies

In our ongoing commitment to keep our members educated on trends, products and news in the industry, the recent workshop at Tilda's Bakery in Rocky Point was a resounding success. Baker and owner Eddie Maher not only shared some of his most successful maketing tips, but demonstrated his seasonal hits in cookies; watermelon cookies, pumpkin cannolis and mochachino cannolis. Eddie's motto is innovate, automate or evaporate and to that end, explained how incorporating seasonal specialties can boost business, how adding technology and equipment can add to proficiency and more complete control of product and personnel. His smoothly run operation is an example of the success he has using the tools he freely discusses. Formulas for the demonstrated pastries were distributed as were his lists of necessary equipment for the bakery. 
Ed's Helpers
Ed's Helpers
Marketing stategies were discussed, a "Preferred Customer Club" was explained, postcards, ID cards, newspaper ads were shown and distributed as examples, and bakers left with a renewed energy for improvement.

Eddie rolling out watermelon cookies
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