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February, 2011
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Over 3,200 miles is the goal for sponsorship of the trip to Sheboygan.   The end result will be the last remaining Vietnam era Patrol Gun boat taking her place of honor right here in Sheboygan. You can be a part of that vision of saving that piece of history for all to enjoy.

Every week we talk to many veterans and complete production of at least one interview of a veteran. Thousands of WWII veterans and their stories are disappearing every month and now the latest numbers are telling us several hundred Vietnam veterans and their stories are also being lost every month forever. Our goal continues to be to capture as many of those stories as possible to be enjoyed by visitors to our museum. You can help bring those stories to family, friends, students so that  these one-of-a-kind stories can be shared.

Our cadets are planning now for camp this summer and this once in a lifetime experience must be available to each one our our cadets -- you can help make that dream a reality for some of our cadets.

And before the end of 2011 WITH YOUR HELP the Naval Museum & Education Center will be open for visitors. 


Consider a donation to any of the features of the ship, the soon to be acquired museum, or any of the services we provide. 




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To Our Supporters & Friends,

We got our packet of information out by our deadline of 2/14.  It included towing plans, mooring plans, environmental study updates, proposals for museum exhibits, updated projections for visitor numbers, and a conprehensive marketing & feasibility study specific to our work with bringing the USS Canon to Sheboygan.

Over 250 phone interviews and almost 200 on line surveys were completed. Work was completed by Janice Wilberg of Wilberg Community Planning of Milwaukee, Center for Urban Initiatives & Research, David Scheler (recently with WI Dept. of Tourism, and UW graduate student Sean Higgins. It was VERY comprenhensive and has a VERY positive outlook.   Overwhelming local support has become very evident.

As we now update our business plan to reflect these new positive projections we are VERY excited.

And, REMEMBER -- mark your calendars RIGHT NOW, Friday November 11th....that's right 11/11/11 Veteran's Day will be the second annual Land, Sea, Air Military Ball at Amore in Plymouth.  Plan to be there!

Fare winds and following seas,
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Larry Hinkelman-President
Wisconsin Naval Ship Association
YOU will make the dream a reality!
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Navy Yard
You can sponsor a mile of the journey for the USS Canon from Philadelphia to her permanent place of honor in Sheboygan, WI - $125.00

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You can sponsor an interview of a veteran from research and studio time to completion for presentation at the museum - $160.00

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You can sponsor a youth at boot camp to experience the discipline, physical fitness program, seamanship, leadership training and more - $180.00

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Or, many other options available at our web site.



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  3. Reply to this email your interest to volunteer as we prepare the Canon, our berthing site, and our museum. We'll get you signed up to help!
AND, consider donating at any level.....

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Wisconsin Naval Ship Association
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The Navy League Cadet Corp, TS Abingdon are active & drilling at the Aviation Heritage Center-next drill 5 March 0830.

For more info contact LTJG R Hanke at  cotsabingdon@yahoo.com


Sea Cadets

The Navy Sea Cadets, Vollrath Division have begun their drilling at the Coast Guard Station in Sheboygan, first weekend of every month.  Watch for pictures as their uniforms come in! 
For more information contact Admin Officer Laura Garofalo at legarofalo@rocketmail.com 
Sea Cadets


Thank you to both groups !! Between the two almost 40 community day coupon books sold with proceeds to WINSA.   THANK YOU!




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We are talking with veterans, crew of the Canon and YOU.

Won't you welcome our 'volunteer' Volunteer Coordinator


Please join us in welcoming our 'volunteer' Volunteer Coordinator, Cathy Berger.  


A marketing sales consultant professional, Cathy brings to WINSA marketing & public relations skills. Cathy has recently completed a degree in Human Resource Management, which will be beneficial as she fits volunteers and their skills with volunteer needs of WINSA, while making sure they have the tools they need and the recognition they deserve for a job well done. Cathy has a passion for history.  


Her and husband, Gary have two sons (18 & 19) one of which will be entering the Air Force.

The battle brought to life in a portrait

Ship parts

Local published artist Laura Spalinger is putting the finishing touches on a portrait of the USS Canon as the ship served in Vietnam from which we will have limited number of autographed prints that we will be selling.  Laura is a long time member of WINSA, friend of Captain Caswell (recently deceased), in Coast Guard Auxillary, and does maritime paintings that have been in juried art shows at the John Michael Kohler Art Center as well as other galleries.
Visit Laura's facebook page and look at some of her artwork on her 'photo page' ... you will even find a video of her as she paints. 
Watch our web site & facebook as soon as the prints of the portrait are available we will post!!  
Photo above is of battle scars of the USS Canon.

warm and fuzzy kitty

Did you know VOLUNTEERING can make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

WINSA is out doing community programs for the public.  We are doing numerous fund raising activities.   We are doing a wide variety of informational programs that include talking with and interviewing veterans.
WE NEED YOU NOW!  Call the museum at 920.254.8777.


This WWII Veteran had stories he could have shared. 


Chars Dad 2 


But he was gone before those stories were captured to share with his great grandsons.


Chars Dad 1

WINSA is interviewing veterans from any branch of service, any conflict/war.  These recorded interviews will be part of a searchable database at the museum, available to search and view.  Contact us to be interviewed or if you know of someone we can interview.