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Choose from 12 calendar styles and 8 different image sets. Some sets have both first and last names on all 12 months.Click the image to see all 8 image sets.
Do you have contacts, clients or prospects that you want to
Of course you do!
You can do this each and every day of the month in  2013. 
Check out these personalized calendars and see for yourself how you can literally (not virtually) have your name and your message in front of your contact every working day of the year...all year.
OK, so your first objection is "nobody uses calendars anymore."
Nonsense, everyone uses calendars to quickly look at a date and not have to open an app or go to Outlook. Having a desk calendar is so much easier.
Having a desk calendar with your client's name is definitely going to get looked at every day. 
There are 12 calendar styles you can select from and there are 8 image sets you can choose from.
Some sets have both the first and last name on each month. Click on the image over there to see all the image sets.
So, call me right now and let's get you started on the most useful and appreciated advertising piece you can give.
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Save 10%
I think you're going to love these calendars and want to order them whether or not there's a discount. But just as an added incentive I'm going to discount these by 10% for orders placed before October 31.
Discount is on the calendars only and does not apply to any set-up charges. Cannot be used toward shipping or taxes and you can't use it toward an outstanding invoice.
Still, it's a great deal on a great product.
Offer Expires: October 31, 2012