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Useful, practical and sure to be retained
A staple-less stapler. How many times have you run out of staples right in the middle of a project - annoying isn't it?
Those of you who are regular and long time readers know that I'm a big fan of practical and useful items.
I believe that practical and useful items with your logo are more likely to be retained and used than the alternatives.
Since promotional products are advertising, doesn't it make sense to put your logo on products that your client will keep and use? 
Here's a selection of useful and practical items that will stay on your clients' desk and be looked at everyday.
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Save 20%
These are great items for a trade show or conference. They are a great sales call 'leave behind."  As an incentive we'll give you a 20% discount on any of these products. The discount does not apply to any set-up, run charges or color matching charges. It can't be used toward freight or taxes and is not valid toward an outstanding balance.
Still and all it's a great deal.
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