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USB Car Charger
Turns your car's power outlet into 2 USB chargers
USB car charger in the car
Here it is charging your tablet as you drive to your next meeting
How cool would it be if your customer associates your brand with saving their day.
We've all heard that dreaded "low battery" warning from our phone, tablet or laptop. Usually it's when we in our car and most likely when we're on the way to an important meeting.

With this USB Car Charger your lighter/power outlet becomes 2 USB outlets to charge your devices.
Comes in 3 colors and has all the proper internal electrical components to make it work correctly with any device.
Your client plugs in and powers up and thinks of you as their savior. Not a bad deal.
Robert Rebholz
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Save 25%
I'm pretty sure that you are all charged up and ready to buy this nifty little item. And to give you even more incentive we'll discount the product price by 25%. Now this discount does not apply to set-up charges, shipping and taxes, you can't use it to pay any outstanding invoice. But still, it makes a great deal even better.
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Offer Expires: December 31, 2012