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USB prices stabilizing. Made in USA is back.
Eco-consciuos award
Write-on tee shirt
Wire-free gadget charger
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Featured Article

About a month ago I told you about how the prices of memory chips for USB drives had sharply risen because of the earthquake in Japan. 


Much of the capacity has been restored and it seems as though prices have stabilized and actually started to decline.

I think it's OK now to order USB drives. Call for current pricing.


Made in America is back.


A quarter of small and large North American manufacturers surveyed by MFGWatch in January 2011 reported returning work to North America from a low-cost production country.


The figure topped the previous record of 21% in Q2 2010.


Despite the trend 65% of promotional product suppliers import their products and 15% have their own factories outside the US.


As you might suspect China tops the list with 88% of promotional products being made there.


While there are about 500 promotional product suppliers that sell products made in the United States electronics is one area that is dominated by imports.


Almost every MP3 player, USB drive, and computer accessories are imported.


While products from Asia continue to hold a strict cost advantage the gap is closing. The increasing costs of raw materials (mostly plastic which is petroleum based) and the rising costs of transportation are closing the gap.


Additionally the Great Recession seems to have led more companies to want to by American to support the economy and create more jobs.


So, here's my poll question:


 Should we feature Made in USA products?




Visibility Tips...
Useful information about using & buying promotional products



Well, I am all over the place with this issue. An award,

a t-shirt and a mobile gadget charger. No theme, just interesting items I thought I's share with you. 

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Element eco-conscious award...



eco-conscious awardIt's made from dye free fabric


It's printed with water based inks


It's made of sustainable bamboo


It's shipped unassembled..cheaper transportation.


It's an unusual and responsible award

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Got a community event?...
write-on tee
Write, wash and write again!

So, this is a tee-shirt you can write on and color and wash to do it all over again.


You get a screen or digitally printed T-shirt, 4 Phthalate free washable markers, (green,blue,red,yellow).


The shirt comes packaged with a full color insert, shrink wrapped on 9"x 6" chipboard.


For school and camp projects, community events like Town Day, corporate events...a great team building activity.

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Wire-free mobile gadget charger...

Just drop your mobile device anywhere on the pad to fully charge your device.

This is a wire-free power platform for many technology devices.

This one is for the iPhone and comes with an iPhone skin.

wireless mobil device charger

Just drop and charge...not much of a skill set required

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Please take a moment to answer my 3 question poll. I'm interested in knowing if you'd like us to feature Made in USA products.It's over on the left...thanks.
Best, and thanks for reading this far.



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